Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street With the Man of Your Dreams

Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street With the Man of Your Dreams

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Hollywood Monster:  A Walk Down Elm Street With the Man of Your Dreams 

By Robert Englund and Alan Goldsher

One, two Freddy’s coming for you…

This autobiography skips along like a nursery rhyme singing school girl. It begins with young Krueger…I mean Englund…joining an acting group for the sole purpose of picking up on girls and ends with him holding his current title of horror movie icon.

It’s a fun journey that sees Englund as a joker, husband, college student, stage snob, divorcee, struggling character actor, television star and movie star. Each section in his life is briefly described and a short story or two is shared from that period of time. The stories are light and easy and I found it disappointing that he never dips more than a gloved knife finger into waters that could run very, very deep. For example, you won’t find out how Englund feels about violence, the role he feels horror plays in society or what if any memory he channels to play a vicious child killer.

You will however discover the he loves women. It seems that not a page goes by where he isn’t mentioning the assets of a nubile young co-star or the biker chick who had him autograph her breasts.

Another thing you take away from the book is how appreciative Englund is of all those who have participated in his journey. He praises just about everyone from Henry Fonda to Jan-Michael Vincent and never has a bad word for anyone. 

All in all, it’s an enjoyably quick read but too shallow to have any lasting effect.   


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sounds like i will give it a miss, from your review ,but thanks for the rundown, short sharp and to the point , nice!!!


While I liked Englund as Freddy, his acting is too over the top for conventional roles. He also SEEMS to be very cocky about his acting abilities. He probably still is trying to chase after younger skirts but at least he thanks the people who helped him get more famous than he would be if he hadnt stumbled on the Freddy role. I will skip the read also but thanks for the synopsis.NIGHTMARE ON ELM

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i got the book for christmas. i thpught it was good.

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