Dissing The Classic's

Dissing The Classic's

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Don't take me wrong,but I get a charge when the wanna be Siskle & Eberts come on here and tear apart the old movies..cheezy..crappy..I've added af few to list myself..the newer ones..Most of the critics don't have a clue..how could they?? Most of em were sitll being used for glue to keep pages of the daddies girly magazine together..In the very early 60's the gang would head to the Y and for a dime if ya had your own towel and go to open swim Saturday mornings..a little ping pong..some hoops and everybody would go like the wind to get back home..grab a cup of kool-aid and a couple of those fresh bakes oatmeal with the jam in the middle cookies..head to the TV and there it was...Saturday Monster Movie Matinee..on the 12 inch black and white RCA..and the Classics were on..ah wait the movie was on..Monsters..Werewolfs..Mummies..Vampires..Ghouls..it just did'nt get any better..and all the movies on now are just continuations from then..They're called b-grades now, but they were the real deal then..So before you pick apart these gems..what are they doing different now.other than the obvious..graphic's and sound..they are the same movies...The movie that has made thee most money ever in the history of movies..is Avatar and was shot down for the top Awards...why???? because it isn't a gone with the wind..disney..wipe the tears away chick flick..it's a sci-fi/horror/thriller type movie thats why!!..Horror and Monster movies are always gonna be just what they are...my kinda movies..so instead of critisizing..worring about what some directors thoughts were..how great the actors were...go grab a cup of kool-aid..a couple of them oatmeal with the jam in the middle cookies...lol..get in front of the flat screen hdtv and just enjoy tommorows new soon to be b-grade movie......relax...go places ya never been before..give yourself a break..don't worry if it's cheezy or crappy..just watch the movie...as always to each their own.....Peace...Joe

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Wow. Youre becoming a SCHOLAR of the classics K. THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI is an awesome surprise. Considering how dated it SHOULD be. It is genuinely creepy and has one of the BEST stories and BEST TWIST of any movie, much less for one in the 1920s. It is one of the THREE first horror movies EVER. You should watch it with the other two, NOSFERATU and DER GOLEM. They are all silent. NOSFERATU is STILL as creepy as it gets. I havent seen DER GOLEM in decades although it is based on an ancient Hebrew legend and kind of FRANKENSTEINISH. But these three were the FIRST horror movies made, all of them German. They all originate in the 1919-1921 time period. Gotta know yer horror roots, FEARnutters.FIRST Horror Movie EVER MADE

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i have got a nice special edition of nosferatu cost me £20! lol still worth it though, i havent read anything about golom so i will look into it. i tell you what else cost me bloody eraserhead am sure i spent like £20 on that aswell & even though its not horror picnic at hanging rock that cost me to


Some flicks are timesless, some flicks take us someplace else and some flicks remind us of a time and place. . . personal or imaginary. Those flicks are worth the money to add to a collection.


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