Cinema Slaughter Film Festival!

Cinema Slaughter Film Festival!

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Laemmle's Sunset 5 8000 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, 90046


FRIDAY APRIL 23 2010 11PM Director Robert A. Masciantonio presents his film "NEIGHBOR"

FRIDAY MAY 7 2010 Director Dan Donley presents his film "SHELLTER" followed by Q&A

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Looks er,, well what do you think!!??Surprised

The trailer

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Hard to tell from that trailer, it was pretty short. Plus, I can never tell if the trailer is showing the best parts of the movie in a lot of cases.

Looks interesting. Getting a little tired of the infection thing that I guess this movie is playing off, but hey, I'll add it to my Netflix queue if it pops up.

I wouldn't see this in the theater though, based off of the trailer.

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Fuck...horror snobs are like the dumb ass above my message, you need a clue and take your head out of the hole you shoved it in. I want to go both nights of this event and both movies look cool as hell, and for 5 dollars I would pay that than pay 15 dollars to see a crappy main stream horror film. From horrible remakes that keep coming more than a bad case of diarrea, or just all out crappy movies. I want to go and support indy horror!!!


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