What is your favorite Rob Zombie movie?

What is your favorite Rob Zombie movie?

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I'd say mine would be HALLOWEEN. Yes its a remake but its a damn good one. I do like House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and HALLOWEEN II that one is my favorite one so far. Let me know what your favorite one is.

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I like all of his films. But if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Halloween II.  I really liked the way you could hear the kills. You know, like when Michael was stomping dudes head in at the stripclub.  Love that sh@*!!!!!!

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mine would have to be Halloween. it was a really good remake

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I would have to say that the Halloween movies are pretty close to my favorites.



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Everything up to the Devil's Rejects is Brill, but Halloween remakes and now Hellraiser Rob, Buddy, Come back to us and gives us more of what we have come to expect from u

Captain Spaulding needs more lovin' 

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All his movies were fresh, I liked them all, but Halloween 2, what the fuck happenned there, he fucked that right up, what a dick, John Carpenter dint fuck his up , hopefully he will learn from his big fat fucking mistake,Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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house of a 1000 corpses, devils rejects, haloween. haloween2 was very dissapointingCool

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My choice is Halloween 1 & 2 remakes along with The Devil's Rejects. I love the way Rob Zombie made the character Michael Myers more viscious than ever. His violence in bothe movies were definitely noticable,for example in H2-remake...the scene where he kills the nurse by repeatively and violently stabbing her,after a while you would say...ok...I think she's dead but to show the real sickness and craziness of the character Michael continued to viscious stab the woman long after a period of time when enough is enough should of been said. I loved it! Rob Zombie continued with that into part two and I feel along with using the same music made it a better movie. Too bad Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't in either of the remakes. The Devil's Rejects is other choice. I think this comes from the character getting smashed by a truck and left to look like a smeared road-kill.

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I love everything he does...so this one is sooo hard!!! YET, I would have to say it's a tie between 'The Devils Rejects' and the first 'Halloween.' In Rejects you seen how far he had come as a storyteller and a director. 'House' seemed very cartoony and zaney...like an acid trip. It was wonderful, a classic, and a great piece of art. Brillant! Yet in 'Rejects' 90% of that film was all handheld...thats hard fuckin' work! {I've been working in the same industry for seven years...I know how hard that shit is...lol} Plus the editing in that was just superb! He grew so much with the storyline...he definatly evloved as an artist with that film. Nevermind how badass the soundtrack was! The only thing that just erks me was the CG/chroma key, exspecially when 'Baby' kills the woman in the hotel...she throws the knife into her chest...*sigh*...that CG was just so fuckin' bad! Peace, love and vicodin! 

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