Dead Girl

Dead Girl

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Has anyone seen this one f**king bizzzzzare. 2 guys who are outcasts @ their school getting picked on all the them decide to cut class and go drink some beers at abandoned insane hospital. they go exploring and open this one door,and find a fresh(or so they think)corpseunder some plastic sheeting whe the corpse is chained under said plastic......but the corpse starts thrashing around......they decide to have a little "fun" with the corpse and think it would be cool to have their own sex slave.....

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I personally liked this movie.  It touched on a dark matter that really hasn't been since Nekromantik.  However the movie got bashed by pretty much everyone that was on it.

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I've seen this, it was alright.  It goes to show how piggish men can be.  The ending was real messed up, but she should've given the guy a chance.  Not the worst, but not the best.

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Dark horrorm very original the shock value was there I thought it was great for the reaction it wanted to get.

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