favorite songs?

favorite songs?

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i need new music. ^.^ only good stuff please.

i tend to shy away from radio top 100's, rap, really modern stuff.

i'll give you all feedback, thank you so much.


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Elbow are great, Florence and the Machine are Cool too. Try some Slam or Gayle San for that extra rhythm.

Too really go deep and be philosophic, try Philip Glass & his Metamorphosis in 5 parts( i love this) 

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I like: Playa Cardz Right / anything Tupac, Rehab Rihanna, zz-top, old school Madonna:True Blue, Vogue, Express Yourself, Like a Prayer, Papa Don't Preach.  I don't know if Madonnas allowed here lol..  most ppl don't like her.

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Don,t ever apologise for what u like FG, people may not agree and may laff at u ,but hey feck em.

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yeah, no offence at all intended but i've listened to tupac and madonna and they just don't float my boat. and the only rap group i've found to strike my fancy is Aesop rock, their awesome. haha. and i know what you mean by afraid to say what your really into on a horror forum site? but hey, i'm not afraid to admit my favorite artist of all time is John Denver. i can't listen to hard rock or metal unless i'm really in the mood for it. but people should respect your taste in music, i mean.. it's not like it's hurting other people. haha.

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oh, and i like rehab too. :)

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thanks evveryone

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well i have many i like dracula from zombie,contractor from lamb of god,skid row,monkey business,david exess,boys and girls,rolling stones,cocain nose,many more too damn many to nameTongue out

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ihsahn-frozen lakes on mars....

samael-black trip

I-far beyond the quiet

 u can check out these on youtube, then head on over to your local music merchant (if your lucky enough to still have one, if not, amazon) and geat some of this amazing stuff

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if you like metal, i can help you there, and you don't like metal, then i am sorry but there is not much other music i listen to. unless you like underground rap

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music is a mood thing with me..I'll be listening to Wagner..and go right to Full Devil Jacket..and then to Patsy Cline...lol...one of my favorites is Rose Tattoo an aussie band..just great rock no crap..hard fast getter done type rock...wifes all time favorite is ACDC.. Distrubed..and Korn...and we both like the older Big band before it went to being pretty much Jazz..if ya look at my vids here there's a big variety of them....at last count I have a little over 200,000 songs...yup variety.....lol


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