favorite songs?

favorite songs?

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i need new music. ^.^ only good stuff please.

i tend to shy away from radio top 100's, rap, really modern stuff.

i'll give you all feedback, thank you so much.


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DarKThrone-i am the Graves of the 80s

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some of my favorite artists are led zepplin, nickelback, lynyrd skynyrd, acdc, shinedown, avenge sevenfold, foriegner, motley crue, def leppard

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Hmmm, eclectic & alternative maybe.  May I sugest...

Vampire Wknd. A-Punk & Horchata

Radio Head - All of it

Yeti Lane - First Rate Pretender

Black Keys - All of it

BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) - Howl (but check the rest of their stuff too!)

Florence and the Machine - Heavy in your Arms

and last but by no means least...

Tracy Bonham - Josephine



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Setting yourself up for sarcasm by Get Scared

If only she knew voodoo like i do by Get Scared

Lock The Doors by Get Scared

You Are What You Are by Get Scared

Sweet blasphemy by Black Veil Brides

The Gunsling by Black Veil Brides

Hello My Hate by Black Veil Brides

Knives And Pens by Back Veil Brides

Kill All Your Freinds by My Chemical Romance

My Way Home Is Through You by My Chemical Romance

Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance

To The End by My Chemical Romance

Drowning Lessons by My Chemical Romance

Duality by Slipknot

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold

Immortal Love by Vampires Everywhere

Heavan Help Us by My Chemical Romance

Helena by My Chemical Romance

Vampires Will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance

 Bury Me In Black by My Chemical Romance

A Devil For Me by Black Veil Brides

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Here are some that I like. Some may be a little old for you but....

Kung Fu Fighting-Carl Douglas

Down in Mexico- The Coasters

Not Falling-Mudvayne

Outlaws and Diamonds-Los Lonely Boys

That's it from me for now.


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1.) Bauhaus

2.) 7 year Bitch

3.) Mickey Avalon

4.) Android (new album)

5.) She Wants Revenge

6.) Linken Park (new stuff)

7.) Operation Ivy

8.) Spoon

9.) Morning Wood (freakn whole self-titled (1st) album ROCKs)

10.) Peaches (Favorite)

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u should check out theese songs:

nickelback- feelin way to damn good, too bad, hollywood

theory of a deadman- bad girlfriend, not meant to be

saving abel- addicted, stupid girl in hollywood

hinder- lips of an angel, get stoned


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