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Hey guys.  Some of you already know this, but I've been working on a zombie film for the past couple of years now.  We're just about finished filming, and the director has been editing his ass off.  We finally are able to release a teaser trailer.  Its about 30 seconds long.

We're currently working on a full-length trailer that gives some of what the story is about, but for now, this is what's up.  Please watch it, let me know what your thoughts are.  You all are fellow horror fans, and you're the ones who are going to (hopefully) buy the film once its released.


Also feel free to check out www.houstonhorror.com to see what my fellow H-town, TX filmmakers have been up to as well.

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Ok i didn't know you were making a zombie movie, if i did i would have thrown a few ideas your way.

First you can tell its not a big budget picture, but thats a plus for the movie in itself because you can tell its fake but just barely so.

Second i have been a zombie movie fan above all the other horror movies so far and i would definatly go see this one.

And Third I love the story because nobody has done it this way before with the band getting attacked or somebody controlling the zomvies either. so I give the trailer about 3 1/2 bloody limbs out of 5.

Peace and good luck on the movieLaughing

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I appreciate it sir.  But, its actually not my baby, I'm just the production assistant/stunt coordinator/staggeringly handsome zombie (j/k).  The director wrote it himself taking lessons from all his favorites like George Romero, Lucio Fulci, Friday the 13th, etc.  However, I've been neck-deep in this thing for the past two years or so.  But, I appreciate the compliments, hopefully you'll enjoy it when its finally released.

I'm about to sound like the biggest geek on the planet, but actually the zombies serving a master thing is what happened when the "zombies" were first revealed all the way back in 1932 with a little movie called "White Zombie" starring Bela Legosi.  What's interesting is back then, a "zombie" didn't have to a reanimated corpse, although sometimes they were through magical means.  Sometimes they were a living person under a spell.  Also, they were incapable of acting independently, they had to be told to do something otherwise they'd just stand around and do diddly shit. 

George Romero made them unto "undead" reanimated corpses, and science was to blame, if any blame was thrown around at all.  Often it was radiation, or a toxic spill, or a disease of some kind.  Those are the zombies we're familiar with today.

So yeah, totally went into geek mode there, lol.  Sorry.

I'll let you know when its finally released, should be soon (fingers crossed).

Thanks again, spread the trailer around to anyone who might like it. 

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Hey well first the trailer doesnt say give too much away, but i would most definately see it! I am a metalhead myself and this would be really cool to check out. Has it been released yet and where can i find it?

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Hey by the way, I am from Houston as well and i was wondering how i can find out about when the directora are casting for zombies and stuff, i would really love to play a zombie at least once in my life, lol.

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the teaser clip looked pretty good do u know when its coming out ?

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Teaser's the word, lol What I did see of it seem to be interesting. It looks promising. Good luck on it :)

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ill definetly check it out . i liked that little teaser . and ill be sure to let my friends know that metalgurahl from fearnet  worked on it .

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Looks like something I would definitely watch! The trailer reminded me of something Full Moon or Lionsgate would distribute- which is NOT a bad thing in my opinion. I think it looks very promising. And pat the director on the back for busting his ass editing! hahaa! His eye orbs are probably all dried out, his back probably hurts, and he is most likely in desperate need of some coffee! hahaa! Yes- I have tens of hundreds of editing hours under my belt...hahhaa! I sympathize with him.

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Hey, thanks for interest.  It is widely appreciated.

@HoustonMetalHead: Dude, where abouts in H-town are you located?  Maybe we've seen each other at concerts already though, lol.  But, as far as your zombie aspiriations, looks like you'll have to wait until the sequel.  Sorry.  But, if you've got any interest in working as an extra in anything, go to www.southwestcasting.com and sign up there.  Those guys hooked us up big time with more than enough extras for our film.

So yeah, we're actually finished filming, which is awesome.  If any of you are going to be in the H-town area in October, we're actually premiering the film at the Alamo Draft House at West Oaks Mall.  FUCK YEAH!

I still haven't a clue as to when it'll be available for purchase, if we do get picked up by a distributor *fingers crossed*, then its their call and completely out of our hands.

We do have a full-length trailer ready to go, but the director's sitting on it for whatever reason.  But anyway, we do have a facebook page, so all of you need to go "like" Zombiefied.  I think its listed as Todd Cook's Zombiefied or something like that.  Maybe that'll convince him to release the actual trailer instead of just the teaser.

We've got all kinds of awesome horror movies coming out of H-town, go to www.houstonhorror.com to check it out.

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