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Chapter 1 : Green leaves had turned yellow,deep shades of brown and red,welcoming the beginning of the fall season. Oak Haven camp was the place to keep teenagers out of trouble during their summer vacation from school. Oak Haven was ninety miles from Asbury Park,New Jersey. Several streams ran through Oak Haven,past huge oak trees,from which the camp's name derives. The large tops of the trees created massive shading over the camp. A storm had been forecasted for later on. Dark clouds had already begun to move in. a breeze had begun to build and fallen leaves scattered and blew up in the air,almost in the fashion of a funnel.Kathy Wright,one of the counselors,ran out from a two-story cottage where the campers resided. Kathy was tall,white,with long black stringy hair that hung and rested on her shoulders. "Billy,Leo,Donnell,Chrissie and Stacey!" Come back inside,"Kathy yelled,smoothing her hand back over her hair. Kathy stood there wearing a blue tight top that fully showed the nipples of her breasts. Kathy's mermaid-like shape was outstanding in her tight jeans. A low rumble of thunder could be heard followed by brief flashes of lightnening. Billy Ward was tall,brown-skinned,with short black hair. A light mustache had begun to grow. Billy was seventeen. Leo Milland was average height,a little stocky,with short black hair and brown skin. Donnell Dowdy was average height and build, with a light mustache. Leo and Donnell were just turning eighteen.  Chrissie Hawkins was tall,white and nicely shaped with long black hair. Chrissie and Stacey are seventeen.  The teenagers were playing a puppy love game of hide n' seek. Eric Kearney ,another counselor,came out behind Kathy. Eric was tall,white with dark brown,short hair. Eric was slim built and knock-kneed. He stood there with his hands on his hips becoming a little frustrated that the teens were ignoring Kathy.  "Hey,it's gonna rain."he yelled,and a flash of lightening followed his comment. "Yo,yo,let's turn in,"Donnell said. "Where's Billy?"Leo asked. "I saw him over by the ledge leading to the water,"Chrissie said,standing there posing with one hand on her hip.  "That's my man. We ought to go get him before it starts to lightning,"Donnell said. He's rigt. It's dangerous to be out here amongst these trees,I was told," Stacey said.  "You'll be going to sleep without your snacks,"Kathy yelled. "Billy,let's go. Kathy threatened to not give us our snacks,"Leo yelled. Leo and the others walked over to where they believe Billy to be. "What are you doing down there?"Chrissie asked. "Come on up. They're threatening our snacks,"Leo said.  Billy began to climb up from under the ledge. Donnell extended his hand to help Billy up. A bright flash of lightning followed a loud clap of thunder,causing the girls to scream and cower. A sudden downpour of rain caused the girls to shriek and pull out their shirt tails,pulling them over their heads. "My hair! It's gonna get messed up," Stacey said."come on,Billy. Damn!" Chrissie said. "What's that in yoour hand?"Donnell asked Billy. "A crayfish,"Billy said. "Throw it down.Shit.Come on,"Chrissie said. Billy threw down the crayfish and began to climb up. Donnell stood there,becoming impatient waiting for Billy to reach the top. Billy was almost to the top when slipped and fell down a mudslide leading to the water. He hit a flat rock sailing it in the air,and his hands went smack into what he believed to be mud up to his wrists. "Are you alright down there?"Leo asked. A bright flash of lightning illuninated Billy and the others followed by a double clap of thunder. 

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You defiantly got talent in writing these stories.  Keep it up man, really liked the first chapter its like the first 15-20 minutes in a horror movie that builds up to the climax. 

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Wow great start point intresting read

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I liked the beginning, you've made a great set up and of estblishment of your charaters and your surroundings. I really wanna know whats going to happen next, so I'm gonna read on...sorry that this reply will be short...I know once I read on that I'll have alot to speak on...but this beginnng was great! I need to know more... 

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