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"Billy,You're gonna get us killed!" Chrissie yelled and a bolt of lightning struck an overhanging tree branch that came down,making a huge splash . "You girls g back to the house. We'll get him up,"Leo said. Billy moaned as he turned over and pulled his hands out of what he believed to be mud. he sniffed his hands. "Ugh!"Billy said making an ugly face. "What is it?"Donnellasked. "It's shit!"Billy said. After struggling to climb up on the wet rocks,Billy finally made it to the land. "Damn,you smell like...?"Donnell said,pinching his nose. "How the hell did you manage to fall in shit up to your wrists?" Leo asked as they walked back towards the cottage.   Meanwhile at the bottom of the ledge,rocks from underneath the flat rock that Billy caused to sail through the air when he fell began to rustle and roll off into the water. The rocks let off steam as they hit the cold water,like pieces of hot coal. An invisible entity moved around the edges of the water front. It moved in sort of a pacing manner,as if it were thinking. It seemed to look up at the top of the land and within seconds,it was moving through the downpour.  Back at the cottage,Leo and Donnell were in their room playing black jack. Billy was still downstairs being scolded. "This is what happens when you don't come when we call you!"Eric said. Kathy patted Billy's hair with a towel,smiling as she rubbed his hair once more. "You smell a lot better now than when you came in."  "Huh?"Billy said remembering something. "What is it?"Kathy asked as she folded the towel placing it on a table. "My wallet? I dropped my wallet. It's down in the mud. I'll be right back,"Billy said. "No you won't,young man. [I'll] be right back!" Kathy said,walking over to a closet and opening it,taking out a small totes umbrella.  Loud claps of thunder rumbled and caused miscellaneous items on shelves to vibrate and slide to the edge of the shelf. Eric walked up and gently put his hands on Kathy's shoulders. "Do you want me to come with you?"Eric asked. "That's okay,I'm sur I'll be alright,"she said and opened the front door,leaving Billy and Eric watching her stand in the doorway.  Several bright flashes of lightning illuninated the doorway as Kathy held out the umbrella and opened it. She looked back at Eric and Billy then pulled the door closed behind herself. After a ten-minute walk through violent flashes of lightning,Kathy had reached the ledge where Billy had fallen. Kathy had to put the umbrela down so that she could climb down below. "There it is,"she said pushing her hair back that hung over her face. Kathy climbed down and slipped a few times on wet rocks. "Got it"she said and sighed. She looked up at the ledge over her head and started climbing up. When Kathy reached the top,her umbrella had been carried off in the wind. "Shit,"she said,upon reaching the top and stumbled forward. The rain soaked her already tight jeans making them appear skin tight as she walked back to the cottage. There was a triple clap of thunder followed by violent flashes of lightning that looked like a light show. Kathy folded her arms and hunched her shoulders up to the bottom of her earlobes as she tried to make it back.  Kathy was suddenly and violently knocked down,face first in the wet,muddy soil. She screamed as she crawled through the mud,looking for her perpetrator that remained unseen.  Kathy's jeans were violently pulled down and snatched off. She continued to scream,crawling in her underwear. Kathy crawled for a moment on her knees then tried to stand,wiping the steady rain from her face.  She stood there,breathing heavily,then her top was violently ripped off,exposing her large grapefruit-like breats. She screamed and folded her arms over her breasts. Then Kathy,as if she was pushed,was literally picked up and violently slamned against a tree.  Kathy's petite and thin string pink underwear was snatched off while she continued to scream. The unseen force quickly pulled back several yards away from her,as if it needed a running start. The unseen force quickly moved in on her,slamming into her body like a train.  Several loud claps of thunder echoed through the woods,drowning out her horrific cry for help. Several flashes of lightning illuminated Kathy's face as the unseen force entered her. Each time it went up inside of her,lightning flashed and loud claps of thunder followed.  A bright flash of lightning revealed Kathy's face to be extremely pale and covered with scratches. Her lips were cut and blistered. Kathy's eyes were dark and her pupils had rolled up in her head Kathy's body pressed in and out against the tree,her arms were yanked up and crossed over her head.  Her head was suddenly pulled to one side and her entire body was held in place while something invaded and violated her body. Her vaginal lips were spread,seemingly so far apart that her skin could heard tearing.  The top of Kathy's kneepcaps were flattened,as if something was pressing down on them,while she was simultaneously held in place,propped up against the tree. Blood began to run down her thighs trailing from her vagina. Her thighs had turned dark blue and red as she was continuously being bruised. From her thighs up to her vaginal area looked like she was violently being rubbed with something more abrasive than the most coarse sandpaper. 

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The monsters going all the hills have eyes on us lol getting intresting

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Ha! I knew it!!! When i was reading the first one and you were discribing the first thought was it was shit not mud! Yes, I knew it! lol...anyways dude, Great Job! I love it! You did a great job with the desciption...and the sex scene, bravo! Very nicely done! I have one question though...since, in the prior story you descibed the fecal matter as mud, when she was pushed down into the 'mud' was that description of the fecal matter or just mud? That was a pretty brutal job on the poor chicks made me sheek....also, since she was violently pushed against the that much force with the thick-ass bark...shouldn't she be bleeding there aswell? oh, I liked the fact that you descibed the visual aftermath markings alike to sandpaper...pretty brutal! All in all very well fuckin' done...dude, I could totally 100% see this as a film! The visuals you gave me in my head...dude, this is crying feature to me!

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