Short Story,Want In?

Short Story,Want In?

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I live in Florida and am half done with a story I would like to get made into a short film. The story takes place in central Florida,around StRd 17 more or less.

If you live in the area,and have some equipment: lights,cameras,editing capability; and some expirience with the weather. Contact me.

The buget is what you can contribute to getting things done,credit will shared equaly among all who take part. This could be the start of something bigger.

There is no schedual yet, meetings will start as soon as there is enough people for a crew.

I am not looking for por's,anybody who like's Horor movies and think's they can help are welcome;but pro's will not be turned down.

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I would of loved to help out. Too bad you're down there. I've done some production asst. way back and have screenplays. I stopped with the screen plays long time ago and picked up on writing horror stories. Have 2 books published  and working on the 3rd,early summer of 2010. This is a disappointment thinking about it. The people i had worked with even gave me a small part in the movie.  We did have release indemnification problem afterwards. Dam,I saw something about short story and decided to look into it. If you go to stories and poems i posted a sample from one of my pending books about to come out. The story is about a INCCUBUS, a violent and powerful male lust DEMON. The story is called : NOBODY .    would like to hear your opinion on it but either way always feel free to holla back.

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 I know there are alot of Horor freaks in Florida. This is something you can have some fun with. Even if it only makes it to here,FEARnet,it's something.

 The story deals with chicks&canibalism!


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I would tell you go to the Fangoria site but they took down their filmmakers section. However Dreadcentral does have a filmmaker section you might want to consider checking there for people to work with.

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If you haven't gotten this done yet, try Spooky Empire in a few weeks.  This is going to be my first year without a table in a long while, but I know guys looking to get films made often mill around and hit up the indie filmmakers in the exhibition room.

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