Whats the first horror film you've seen at a drive through

Whats the first horror film you've seen at a drive through

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What was your first drive in slasher,mystery,thriller or sci-fi film

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the fly. thats right my first drive in experience was a horror/scifi double feature and for the life of me i cant remember the other movie but i dont think i was older than 7 or 8. I loved it even tho it creeped me out for a few weeks. after i got over the puking on dudes leg scene i was fine and i still love that damn movie.

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Mine Was My Bloody Valentine.  The last one i saw at the drive in was Jason Takes Manhataan

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I remember going to the movies at the drive in but i can't remeber the movies at the drive-in. I do however remember the dates i took there.

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The first horror film I saw at the drive in was 2000 Maniacs. Back in the day the drive-ins could be pretty spookey places with all the people walking around, tapping on steamed up windows. This was a creepy movie to see in this setting.

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The only thing I think Ive ever seen at a drive thru is the slow assed idiots in the cars in front of me....but seriously folks....sadly we only have three drive ins left in my area,down from about 10 from about 15 yrs ago....my first DRIVE IN movie if I recall correctly was THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (original,not the crap-fest remake)in the early 70s...ron says WATCH MORE PORN....ron says THUMBS UP!!!!!

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93 "SQUIRM". although bitchin when I was eight, prolly not that good< now. SFJ MMFWCL 93 93/93HOCUS FN FOCUS

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Mark of the Devil

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The first horror movie I saw at the drive-in was "An American Werewolf in London" and there began my love for horror!!

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thank god we still have a drive in the first movie was jaws when i was a kid i was afraid to go swimming in the lake my dad went under the water and grab my leg


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