Promise-Part 3

Promise-Part 3

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Just get something to clean it off and everything should be alright, okay?” replies Davis with a confused shake of his had. Yeah, it was interesting, but didn’t seem too out of the ordinary.

“ Aren’t you even listening? It just showed up. I mean, don’t you find that a tad bit weird?” wonders Keith, dumbfounded by Davis’ reaction toward this incident. You can’t just shrug stuff like this off. This is some out of this world kind of stuff.

“ It’s just a stain, nothing more. Quit letting your imagination run wild, Keith. It’s an old apartment building and things leak. Yes, I admit, it does look like a face, but that is just the way your imagination perceives it, Keith”, barks Davis in frustration.

“ Whatever you say, man. I know what I saw and that is no normal stain!” argues the young man. He couldn’t believe the stubborn nature of this man, who keeps insinuating that this was just a stain that magically appeared out of nowhere, with no sense of reason besides “ that houses do that”.

He exhales roughly and goes to retrieve some cleaner and a towel from his cabinet under the sink in his kitchen, bringing it back to Davis, who squirts some of the blue cleaner on the towel and rubs the black stain with it. He gives a firm rub, removing the towel, but as he pulls the towel away, they see the stain has vanished from sight. Davis looks into the towel for a large black stain but sees nothing there, only the soft blue cotton clenched in his hand. He does a double take, searching throughout the towel for any sign of the stain.

“ Yeah, a typical stain, huh? A typical stain doesn’t just disappear out of thin air. You see it, there’s no black stain on the towel. Something is wrong here”, rambles the young man with a look of disbelief coming over his face and eyes. This stain, this so called “ normal stain” just faded from sight, as if it hadn’t been there this whole time.

“ That’s impossible! A stain can’t just fade like that. What in the world is going on!?” wonders Davis in a state of confusion, dumbfounded by the fact that he may have been rubbing a fake stain.

“ Well, this stain sure as hell did a nice job of doing that, Davis!” states Keith abruptly.

“ This has to stay between us, you got that? If anyone figures out that something strange is happening in this building, I will lose it,” demands Davis, turning toward Keith and giving him an evil glance. He didn’t need paranoid people living in his building.

“ Like anyone would believe me anyway. Who would believe a stain fading in and out of someone’s room? So, I guess this is our little secret, Davis”, says Keith, wondering if something else will happen later in his room, the very thought sent a rush of shivers throughout his slender body.

“ Well, seeing how that little episode is over with, I am going back to my room and get some things done to start the day. You should do the same, Keith. There’s no point in dwelling on this. Have a good day, Mr. McAlister”, says Davis, handing Keith the cleaning supplies and making his leave for the door. As he shut the door, he couldn’t help but to think about what had just happened in Keith’s bedroom.

“ That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. A stain just appeared and disappeared in plain sight. Were we hallucinating it? Had it actually been the delusion of my mind? No, I won’t believe I’m going crazy!” says Keith, looking between the towel and where the stain had been. He throws the towel on his bed and walks into the bathroom, where he turns on the sink and pours water the cool water on his face. This is very overwhelming and he doesn’t know how to handle it just yet. He wants to be scared and angry at the same time; scared because something just appeared and angry because his super is acting like this didn’t even happen. He heads back into the bedroom and sits on the bed, looking toward the place where the stain had been, pondering deeply. No matter how many times he questions, there seem to be no answer to this equation. He lays back on his bed and shakes his head, which seems to be the only answer.

“,” whispers a girl’s voice softly, which makes Keith jolt up from the bed and look around, but there was nothing to be seen.

“ Hello?!” calls out Keith, wondering if there is a child in his room. He gets up and searches throughout his apartment, finding no hint of anything that resembles a child. This damn apartment is playing mind tricks with him. He grabs his leather coat and heads out of the door, yearning to not deal with this problem right now. It’s far too stressful.

As the door shuts behind Keith, floorboards creak softly against an unseen force, groaning toward his bedroom. The creaking boards shift over to bloody footprints about the size of a child’s, moving inside the bedroom and gently shutting the door.

After a long day at her job, Jasmine comes home in frustration with one of her companies. They can’t make up their minds with a design and she had to change it several times, hiding her frustration through endless cups of coffee. Sometimes people are too finicky with some of their ideas.

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