Promise- Part 4

Promise- Part 4

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She shakes her head at those silly people, walking into the apartment building. As she enters through the front door, Jasmine could smell the sweet fragrance of candy. Probably one of the kids from a higher level hanging around the staircase somewhere. She ascends the staircase and heads up to her hallway, passing through the door. On her way toward her room, she saw no kids around, wondering if it was the fragrance of cooking or something ambient. Her aching feet lure the young woman to her door, opening to the comforts of her small, yet durable apartment. She throws her purse on a kitchen counter and sighs roughly, rubbing the back of her neck soothingly. The day was unkind and stubborn to her. She sits on a comfortable brown chair; it’s short and wide, and made her look small slouching in it. She switches the television on and watches the channel five news, it comes on around six in the evening. It takes about the usually nuisance: low economy, war, violence and people losing their jobs- a depressing sight to behold in a

land of freedom. She decides to flip it over to a sitcom running on syndication, smirking at the silly nature of the people on it, walking over to her kitchen with hunger rumbling in her stomach. A sandwich sounds like a good way of dulling the “ monster” in her stomach. She fixes her a ham and cheese sandwich, walking back over to the chair and getting comfortable again. That sandwich tasted like heaven to her, having not eaten anything since twelve this afternoon. The ham was juicier and the cheese with smoother, as if her first time experiencing these flavors. She yawns between some of the bites, feeling her slender body relax into the comfort of her chair. She finishes the sandwich in six or seven bites, wiping her the remains from her wardrobe and heads into her bedroom, where she takes off her dress clothes to a blue tank top and white pajama pants. She turns the television off, and climbs into bed, pulling the covers over her and rests, her eyes quickly getting heavy. It wasn’t long until she drifted off to sleep.

In the midst of late hours, a sound echoes throughout her hall, an eerie sound that resembles two children playing just outside of her apartment. She softly opens her eyes and listens against sleep. This arouses her out of bed and toward her apartment door. She looks through its small peephole to see if children were at play outside of her apartment, but she saw nothing. As she looks away, her eyes catch glimpse of a small shade cascading across the wall adjacent to the peephole. Surprised by this turn of events, she slowly opens the door, so not to startle the children, and peeks out into an empty, dim hall with nothing around. She steps out into the hall, looking down both ends of it, but sees nothing around. How is that possible? Shadows don’t show up out of the blue without something to cast it. The lack of sleep must be getting to her or something, so she shuts the door and decides to fill the sleep quota. She didn’t have time for mind tricks, yearning to feel the comfort of her bed, yet again, slipping under the covers and hugging tightly into her pillow. It wasn’t long until she drifted off to sleep again.

Small, adolescent fingers slowly touch her soft cheek, gently petting it with blood streaming down it from them. She could feel the warm blood trickling down her cheek, tickling the fine hairs on her complexion. She groans into it, snuggling against the pillow, as if a lover were touching her complexion comfortably.

“ Will you be my mommy?” asks a softly sweet voice to Jasmine, who moves gently at the sound of the candy vocals. These fingers move up to the side of her head and pull a few strands of hair from her face. A giggle exhales into the air, a soft, girly giggle from a sweet, little girl.

Feeling the fingers, Jasmine slowly wakes up and catches glimpse of a fading little girl, but couldn’t make out any detail, only long brown hair, a white night gown and a set of pouting lips. She lets off a scream and backs away from the sight, falling off of her bed in a flush of fast heartbeats and quivering nerves.

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AWSOME, I'm getting drawn in twisted. Can't wait until you post part 5. Thanks for sharing

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