The Old Box

The Old Box

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There's a legend that runs through the hills of Japan about a macabre box crafted with the bones of many sinful people, and it's called "Satsuriku No Tenshi", or carnage and death. Some around that region believe it to be made from the very mind of a twisted man that believe building the remains of his spiritual family around this accursed box would keep whatever is in it out. He found it in a haunted village in these hills, curiously bringing back to his house, where strange things started to happen to him and his wife. He started to have these strange dreams of a dark figure trying to kill him. Then he started to hallucinate things, horrible things that eventually took his sanity and made him yearn to get rid of the box, but no matter how many times he tried to get rid of the Satsuriku No Tenshi, it came back with a stronger vegeance. His wife began to worry about him as he slowly feel deep into insanity. He eventually killed his wife, beat her death on suspicion of being a demon out to kill him, and he took his own life to rid himself of the vile box. Now it sits in these hills outside of Japan, lying in this unfortunate man's house to be found by another person.

(Before anyone takes offense to my japanese, I would to make one thing clear: I looked it up. If I got it wrong, please tell me and don't be a jerk about it. )

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Cool story! And if anyone is a jerk to you about the Japanese lemme know. I'll gnaw their knees off for being dumb...

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Thanks, and alright. Nice to know someone has my back on this. I made this really short story up because I like Japanese folklore with the spiritual and supernatural. They have a strong belief in such things, which cried to write a story about.

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I really liked this, I'm gettin' into the jap-horror genre recently, so for me this definatly was a good read. It reminded me of 'Hellraiser" at several moments. To be quite honest, I could totally see this in the theater as a full-length feature. You should think of making this into a feature instead of a short. The plotline is right on the mutha-fuckin' money dude! I really got into it and was kinda sad when it ended. {also, i'm with that chick, fuck anyone who'd be a jerk about the miss-spellingings about a languge that u probably don't even speak! I'd help with the knee nawhing!!! lol j/k}Anyways, yea...if i were u, i'd totally consider going back at this and expanding it...if it happens to pop out to u in that way, if u think that u can add on to it, i'd say go for it!!! U could look it up and see if this is actual folklore...or look at other folklore and mix some shit up and make it ur own...ya' know? Or look up shit to just get insipiraed by. {again, can't spell...really bad flaw of mine. lol} And for this to only be a, u got the talent to make it a career. Peace, love and vicodin. 

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