Promise Part 5

Promise Part 5

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There wasn’t a little girl in her room beforehand, but she knows what she just saw, a little girl fading from thin air. She smacks at her face, feeling the spider web tickle of her small hand, screaming again. She’d never seen anything like that before. She felt scared and vulnerable at the same time, feeling tears slowly swell in her eyes. She hugs her knees close to her chest and cocks her head to the side against them, shedding strong tears.

“ No, I’m not going back to bed...,” she said with a doubting fear, leaving her bedroom with tears still streaming. She couldn’t stop her shot nerves, quivering endlessly at the image of that little girl. Against her anxious fear, Jasmine feels vomit growing in her throat, rushing to the bathroom as it spills into the toilet. She rests against the toilet and tries to stop her tears, but they wouldn’t subside, running rapidly from her eyes like frightened rivers. That image of that little girl seems to continuously haunt her, driving her fear deeper into a paranoia, as if the little girl is following her everywhere, ready to get her. She gets to her feet, turns on the water, and flips on the light switch, filling her cupped hands with cool water and dipping her face into the ripping pool. She grabs a new towel on a nearby towel rack and dabs her face dry, lowering the towel seeing a message written on the wall behind her through the bathroom mirror.

“ Please, don’t do that daddy! I love you so much...”, is written in a child’s bloody handwriting, She turns to look at it, cowering against the sink. She looks away in disbelief, her head shaking away any memory of that image. She continues to shake her head, leaving the bathroom and heading over to the living room. This can’t be happening! She just falls to her knees and holds her head with her head shaking back and forth. She crawls over to a wall beside her red couch and sits against it, wiping her tears and runny nose. And against the stress and sleep, the frightened young woman slowly drifts off to sleep against her own will.

She quickly wakes in a bloodcurdling scream, pushing and kicking around, realizing that she had fallen asleep. She stops and looks around, seeing her apartment in a glare of morning light. She stands to her feet in a stumble, walking back into the bathroom to see it normal. The message had disappeared from the wall. She feels around in doubt, looking back toward the mirror that shows nothing. Something happened in her apartment last night, something that still haunts her even after twelve hours. Considering it’s the weekend, she didn’t have to go into work and become paranoid that that child would be after her.

A phone call startles Jasmine, who looks toward her kitchen phone with a stoic glance, standing to her feet and fixes herself to seem normal, answering the phone.

“ He-hello?” she says in a soft, cracked voice.

“ Hey, it’s mom! Would you like to go do something today? I figured I would christen the second day with some shopping,” she says with a slightly peppy voice, which seem to rub her wrong.

Why the hell was she peppy during Jasmine’s apartment problem? It seems rude, even though it was the furthest thing from the truth. So, she shrugs it off regrettably, and fakes a hidden smile.

“Um, yeah, sure! We can do that. What time would you like to do this?” she replies with a sigh, yearning to get out of this apartment as soon as possible.

“ I can be over in thirty minutes, alright?” says the mother, hanging up the phone on Jasmine, who lets off another sigh. Should she tell her mother what she had experienced or keep it hidden in her head? The very thought of something like that would create insanity, a place among the straight jacket denizens. No, it shall remain deep within her subconscious until she can figure out what it was. She looks to the bathroom, wondering if she should attempt it. Would it showcase the same thing as last night, or maybe something worse? She cautiously walks toward it, leaning on the doorway and gazing around it, as if it was something new to her. She looks around upon entry, seeing no sign of anything around, like before. She sighs, yet again, and shuts the door to get ready for her mother’s next visit.

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This is great stuff twisted. I can't wait until you post the next one. I'm completly pulled in.

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