what do you think was the worst horror remake?

what do you think was the worst horror remake?

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i gotta say the ones coming out lately i thought were pretty awful (friday the 13th, halloween). i dont even want to watch the halloween 2 remake.



what do u guys think?

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I couldn't even make it through the first fifteen minutes of the Halloween remake. That pretty much put me off of them & the more that keep coming out the more frustrated that I get. House of Wax was nothing like the original with Vincent Price; which was & still is a brilliant movie for its time, & that pissed me off. I haven't seen the Friday the 13th remake.

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Hey! Any remake pretty much sucks! Some are OK. Most are watchable, once. Remakes ARE a fact of life, (soapbox time), as long as mindless drones dig deep in their pockets, and line up at theaters to see a rehash of something that should be left alone! Throwing more money at a classic, (CGI), does NOT make a movie better! It's all about greedy producers, and writers who are too lazy to come up with something original! (off the soapbox) That being said, I agree about 'Halloween 2'. I'm a HUGE Rob Zombie fan, and I was disappointed with that one! My advice, save your money! If noboby went to theaters to see them, they wouldn't make them! I don't. I don't even buy them new. About a week after they hit DVD, I look for them in pawn shops. Why pay $20.00 for a disappointment, if you can get it for $3.00? Besides, you can find some real gems in pawnshops!  Enough for now! Just a subject that gets my blood up!lol        Later, Horror Fans!        Kaboom


The WIZARD OF GORE REMAKE SUCKED THE BIG ONE. CONVOLUTED, PRETENTIOUS MESS. NO HORROR AT ALL. The first one was cheesey and low rent but thats what it was. A B movie on a small ass budget. It was STILL way better than the remake and the plot was far less convoluted with a better explanation.

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there's only one remake that ever really bothered me that they remade was House on Haunted Hill..If your an older horror fan or a younger horror fan that has gotten into the classic's then remaking a Vincent Price movie is a waste it will and can't be the same as an orignal..I climb up on the same soapbox that Kaboom refers too..when it comes to people giving their money for old classic's being redone over and over..well enough it gets me to where I need a blood pressure pill..well anyways great topic..thats one helluva of user name there..lol..balls_of_poop...Peace...Joe


I agree with ya Big Joe, but kinda sorta. ANY Vincent Price movie for me is fun to watch. Price is one of those few actors that I get a kick just watching him do his thing on the screen. And his HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL is a classic. . . . . .  BUT !

I REALLY liked the REMAKE. Unlike Prices HILL, there was not only the planned murder by the whorebag wife BUT there were REAL CREEPY FRIGGIN GHOSTS RUNNING AROUND. I LOVED the ambiance, the special effects, the atmosphere of the movie was MALEVOLENT. So this was one time when they, for me, jazzed up the original enough to make it an equally fun ride. Kinda like PIZZA and then PEPPERONI PIZZA. Good the first time, second time STILL good but just a little difference. I lacked Prices presence so it made it up with them nasty assed ghosts. Just my opinion.LIKE A MOVIE. . DONT LIKE A MOVIEHAUNTED

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LMAO...you know one of the remakes that everybody's bitched about I really like was Rob Zombies Halloween..the cuttin and slashin..the sound was a lot better..but I didn't like House on Haunted Hill remake..I'm glad you did..it's just one of them remakes..I can't do..and you know me..the saga continues..I don't want a lot of remakes to be done that other people want..but hey"to each their own"..your opinion matters and so does mine..that being said...Peace..Joe


I hear ya Big Joe, I too liked the RZ remake of HALLOWEEN. I liked the new HUGE Mike Myers and the tremendous physical strength they gave him. He also didnt make Carpenters mistake. I didnt like that Carpenter in the first sequel has Myers doing complex kills like turning the temp up in the hot tub or whatever. Zombies Mike as just a powerful, dark force. . . . primeval and just going for a kill.

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I  feel the remake of "The Omen" was terrible because it was nothing but a few changes made. Instead of a rottweiler they used a german shepard mostly and the Nanny scene was weak. It was more dramatic and terrifying when the Nanny crashed through the window. There was no music hardly thoughout the movie and they waited to the end credits to play "AVE SATANI"when that music should of been played at the opening and again as the original blending into the scene where th priest was impaled on the javelin. I really feel this was a waste of money,time and film and probably the reason it went to DVD so fast. 2oth Century definitely shouldn't be proud of that. Another eye sore is and I hate to say it but is "The Heritic",Exorcist 2. Even Warner Bros,has a inside joke that the movie was a insult and damn near a joke and should not have been done. I'm a big fan of "The Exorcist",I've been to the actual house in Georgetown,washington,D.C. even ran up and down the stairs where the priest fell. What did scare me was when I mimicked the priest at the bottom and had pic' taken then I was kinda afraid to walk back up the stairs...lol...thinking someone may of not like that one ..lol.

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Haven't seen Friday the 13th yet, don't really want to. Joe's right, The House on Haunted Hill was a remake that should've been left alone. Deadcrazy is also right, The Omen was a bad remake. The worst remake in my opinion is Salems Lot. That is another classic that should have been left alone.

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Honestly I don't know how anyone could have enjoyed the Halloween remakes...it just seemed bastardized...

but after seeing the Nightmare on elm street remake we have a new contender.


I think there needs to be a law preventing producers from fucking up our classics, otherwise I want to see "gone with the wind" remakes, but with zombies thrown in for dramatical affect.


edit: I'd also like to comment on an above poster's remark of "rob's michael" is a dark primordial force, no thinking in kills, yaddah yaddah... so rather than having an intricate, intelligent, evil force going around killing off an entire town, you want a big hulking dumb shit...I'm sorry mate but go play LFD2 and look at the charger for a bit, thats what rob's halloween reminds me of.


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