Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

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Personally, I don't. But everyone has their own opinion. Share it here!

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I dont think that "Halloween" or "Friday The Thirtenth" remakes can be compared to the "NOES" remake for one Micheal Myers or Jason never talked (i dont think). Freddy Kruger is Robert England and Robert England is Freddy Kruger, in my opinion there is no substitution as someone else was saying on here though i am willing to give this new guy a chance out of love for horror and the Legacy of "NOES" but still going into the theater tonight i will be pessimistic.

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Michael Myers only spoke in Rob Zombie's remakes. (as a child in both, and as an adult at the end of H2.)


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Robert Englund made the monster what it is.  Those are huge shoes to fill.  I will be there with a black arm band on.

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robert is my one and only freddy!

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so...after watching the remake...

Robert Englund is THE only freddy. and I hope to god the series dies here.


Fans of horror need to realize *if they havn't already* that we don't need stupid re-hashed bullshit of our classics, we need NEW inventive ideas.




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Robert Englund Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Personally I hate remakes, but this is my opinion.  Not saying new Freddy isn't a better actor than Englund because he is.  Robert Englund was a better Freddy.  To his ability he made that Franchise what it is.  Hell he made New Line Cinemas a powerhouse.  They still call that Studio "The House That Freddy Built".  There have been a few Jasons, and Michael Myers over the years, but only one Freddy.   Not too mention in 1984 this was groundbreaking to people that have watched alot of campy horror movies during that time.  Freddy is such a beloved character in horror that anyone that would play him has big shoes to fill. 

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Hey!   NO!!!  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!  One of the spookiest things about Freddy, the REAL one, is his voice. The new one sounds like a wimp.  Stop buying tickets to remakes, and they will quit making them! Haven't seen it, don't need to. Everything you need to know is in the commercials.           Later!                 Kaboom

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FUK no BUUT this CAN bring a whole new generation into this genre and isnt that their plan? BUUUT they can NEVER EVER make freddy flicks original/masterpiece if they dont have thee original ACTOR, unless they cast roberts SON to play freddy lol.. and HEY, my lil sister asked me PERSONALY to get her this new freddy flick on dvd for her even though its not in stores yet, so i told her yeah i'll see what i can do... sister is only 15 and shes starting to becom like her brother...

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I agree Englund was and is the best!!! But i have seen the new on and i must say its awsome but i still cant get over the voice of Jackie Earle Haley i cant explain it but i dont like i dont think it fits freddy's personality but overall for a remake i liked it!!!


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