Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

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Personally, I don't. But everyone has their own opinion. Share it here!

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Robert Englund made Freddy. How can we really compare someone else to it..??

Haley's Freddy is a great depiction of a Freddy. It's not Englund's quirky Freddy but it's a pretty wicked Freddy none the less.  He has a few new traits and attributes and I think that this is what was needed in order to produce another Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Face it, the last few NOES didn't do anywhere near as good as this one did... something fresh was in order.

People can slam it all they want, I'm a huge Freddy fan ever since I caught the first one in theatres, I still very much enjoyed the new one. I have no problem accepting both characters as Freddy.

Englund IS Freddy, no doubt about that but Haley offered a nice refreshing break when it was needed. 

My opinion.

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I agree with Hellfighter that Robert Englund was definetly an over the top actor, but thats exactly how he landed the role of Fred Krueger by being that way. So the new Freddy might be a good actor, but like Claymore said there's onlyone true Freddy for me!!

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I dont think the new nightmare sucks, I like it alot

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 Studios are really really going crazy over remakes. Again, I think they are running out of ideas to do AND MOSTLY they know remakes sell since it's icons that people are familiar with.
  Now when I go and see a remake I just expect to feel differently about it then the original. I went into seeing the new Nightmare on Elm Street expecting not to love it. Well, I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I was amused. I also love Robert Englund in the original.
In the new one, it's pretty much a different character. Freddy wasn't throwing out these awesome one liners, and you didn't really laugh at any of his remarks. The new Freddy was just a pervert so that was a new spin on the character. I can't really compare the two actors. They played two different roles to me.

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True dat

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I do have to say there's a million of original ideas if they start looking at coontempary lititure, but your right, its the horror icons that make the cash

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Robert Englund was great and he invinted in my mind and most peoples minds the true Freddy that we grew up with. I believe that Robert Earl Haley as Freddy is one of the best people thats not Englund for the role. In away I believe that the movie was a waste of time but I would hate to see the franchise end. I would love to see the two actors hash it out one on one in an interview. Englund may come back and play Freddy again or he may not but as a fan I would like to see Englund at least give his blessing and pass the torch.

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I prefer Robert Englund even though he certainly went over the top with his acting at times.  I thought his laugh and voice were much better than nuFreddy's.  Also Englund gave Freddy a 'dirty old man' vibe that worked well for the character.  

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the new NIGHTMARE sucked big time....not the englund voice or height, i though it was a pitiful and insulting remake of the classic killerYell


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