Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

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Personally, I don't. But everyone has their own opinion. Share it here!

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No, Freddy was popular and unique because of his jocular disposition and his equally jocular and inovative was of killing people, the new freddy is much more serious, which isn't always a bad thing, but not what people want from a nightmare on elm street.

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I like Robert england because I like how in some he would play with his victims, aka fuckin with them. I havent seen the new Freddy in action, but from what I did see I'd say he look more evil and doesnt seem like he really gives that ( fuck with them until its time too kill approach ) like I said I seen some of it but Idk because I havent seen all of it.

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I thought Jackie Haily depicted Freddy well. He was more serious, while Englunds frddy was wise crackin typ of demon.

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I agree with HellFighter, the new Freddy is a better actor in general, really good, and I do think if the re-make had a better director he could have made a better Freddy, but in this case he didn't. plus I heard the Robert Englund didn't want to do the re-make. Just things I've heard don't know if its true

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I think the original will always be the best, but for a new era, and the new times and movies changing, the think for this generation the new Freddy will win out. 

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I went into the threaters with low expectations for the movie in general, but I was surprised. As for the new Freddy I think he played the part well! He certainly creeped ME out, he seems a lot more serious and intense. Of course no one will replace Robert (such a stud) but I'm def. not complaining!

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Robert Englund did an amazing job as Freddy and i dont think he can replaced he looked like he did a good job and for who ever said that the new dirctor did a better job idk Wes Craven is an amazing horror director he made some of the best movies and they weree remade that gos to show that he did an amzing job or they wouldnet take the time and spend the money to remake them

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Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges.

Yes, they're both fruit, but the taste, consistency, and texture are all entirely different, so no fair comparison can be made.

Another example is comparing Heath Ledger's Joker to that of Jack Nicholson.

To be honest, I like the new Freddy a little more for one reason alone- he harkens back to Wes Craven's idea of a menacing dream killer that is an utterly terrifying presence rather than a wacky jokester.

JEH still included a few jokes, but rather than coming off as an attempt to be funny, these came off more as the diseased musings of a twisted mind that was taking sadistic pleasure in the torture of his victims.

Also, one line that utterly chilled me to the bone was his off-hand remark about how the human brain continues to function after the body dies. "We've got six more minutes to play."

Think about all the pain and suffering he caused that kid in less than thirty seconds. Now multiply it by twelve.


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We had arguments about this, now it's time to see the bloody n fatel smack down, Freddy vs Freddy!!!

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I am an absolute classic horror kind of girl.
And I say that Robert Englund is the one and only Freddy.
Remakes are terrible. [Unless its the Grudge, both original & remake failed].

No one can act like Freddy, like Robert Englund can.
After all, he is the one and only original Freddy.



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