Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

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Personally, I don't. But everyone has their own opinion. Share it here!

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Honestly I thought both freddys were awsome!!! I like both equally

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Robert England

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I have not seen the new Freddy yet but I will give him a chance. Even Vincent Price had to turn over the reins for Christopher Lee. Sometimes you have to give the younger generation a chance. You get older, it just happens.

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There is only one Freddy & thats Robert Englund! :D

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I hate it when they use some other actor to pick up where they best left off!!You Know Me!

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Robert Englund hands down. Not a fan of the new Nightmare On Elm Street.

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hell no. i refuse to see the new nightmare on elm street movie.

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Robert Englund is way better!!!

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robert englund wasnt really a wise cracker, he was just crafty

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It's all in personal oppinniouns. I like both equaly but thats my opinnioun. Everyone has different, but alot of people wont even give the new a chance, they assume it sucks without seeing it, I think thats stupid, it's fine that you dont like the new freddy, just see it before you decide, and if your not going to see it than we dont want your oppinnioun


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