Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

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Personally, I don't. But everyone has their own opinion. Share it here!

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I think the new guy did a perfect job of being freddy

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hell no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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havent seen it yet but i tend to have an aversion to remakes of my fave flx but then again i also have a bad habit of liking the remakes for their own merits so i guess my happy ass needs to check it out....

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For people who have never seen the original will think the remake is better...The one thing that I liked most is the fact that the new freddy looked burnt, like he should have...Trying to compare the two is wrong...For this reason only, they are two different movies...Each Freddy was good in there own version of Freddy...I am not a fan of remakes whatsoever, but I do try to give them a chance, when I see a remake, I put the original out of my mind and watch the movie...The first two Elm Street movies were good, but after that, they made Freddy comical and I lost some interests in them...When you wtach the new Elm Street again, watch for the actor and his portrayal of Freddy, Jack Earle Haley was good in his version of Freddy the same as a Robert Englund was with his version of Freddy...You need to keep in mind one thing, they are two different movies and actors...How they portrayed Freedy before he became the Freedy we know is genius...They made him trusting to children and he used that to his advantage to get what he wanted...Now my friends that is a true monster...There is nothing more frightening and sickening then that...Watch it again and don't compare the two and watch it for what it is a different movie...Most of you will mostly disagree with me, but that is my opion...Have a nice nightmare tonight all...

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Call me a wimp if you like but I much prefer the pun spewing wisecracking Robert Englund to the outright pedo that is Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy, even if there are implications in the orignal film nothing was so in your face. Ridiculous gore scenarios that could almost never happen I can handle, most of us watch horror to escape, but I can't handle the thought of little children being abused and tortured like that, we get enough of that crap in the real world.

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In my opinion the new Freddy lacked in alot of things

1. he didnt seem scary just really pervy

2. he looked more like cheese pizza with alot of tomato sauce

3. there wasnt enough emotion in to it

4. i didnt feel the psycho killer

5. it didnt follow the original all the way, come on! isnt dat waht remakes r suppose to be for?!

6.the teens were just a bunch of well....... horny teens, at least it didnt turn out I'll give 1 point for dat

all in all it didnt reach  full potential of what it was supposed to be and it lacke in capturing the essence of the classic

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No contest. It's like asking if leatherface in the re-make of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is better than Gunnar Hansen. Gunnar IS Leatherface and Robert IS Freddy.

- Priscilla!/piden


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really!? there is no way...even when i watch the new movie i imagine that i'm seeing the old freddy. robert englund just brings an extra...i don't know...he just brings something extra to his movies

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i love the old freddy, my KIDS love the old freddy.  he's like the creepy old uncle we're glad we never had, but still invite him over for movie night once in a while.  the new fred, NOT freddy, krueger, is disturbing in a different way.

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Robert Englund is the ONE AND ONLY FREDDY...... He is the best and is a horror icon/legend.   The new Freddy sucks....


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