Can mind control be horror?

Can mind control be horror?

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Let me ask you something before I start this project, alright? I was wondering if you thought mind control could be a type of horror. If you think so, then let me know.

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well I think could if written the old zombie type movies..mad doctor..or witch doctor controlling your every move and sending you to do their bidding..that old Vincent Price movie where the hypnotized did killings and robbery in other movies..sure imagine controlling a mind to do henious acts of violence against others..or starting fires/arsons in placews and setting their own selves on yeah it just needs to be written.....

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I believe so. Joe has a good point. You get a witch doctor to control a persons movements you can get that person to do whatever you want them to do. Of course who can forget the old Vincent Price movie. Go ahead twisted, write it.

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Well, I had this sci-fi type of horror idea about nanomachines. It's twenty years in the future and the united states government has made improvements in technology, creating nanomachines called "Genetic Placement Order” or GPO. They were created under a project funded under the table by government officials called:

Gene Alteration Project- An organization lead by Dr. Alexander Froste, composed of under the table paid scientists to ensure a new world of peace and tranquility by eliminating unnecessary terrorism. They created an artificial intelligence which nanomachines are the basis of. These nanomachines aid in the guidance of better judgment, controlling the human genome to explore a better possibility through actions. Sort of like an artificial conscience. If you control the actions of people then less terrorism and sinful ideas should come, in theory. But in the wrong hands, these GPO’s can create powerful armies with the slightest alterations in their process. He used this project on mental patients and convicts to see if it came through, that way they can be expendable.

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