"James" An old poem.

"James" An old poem.

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Recenlty, I found a old notebook that I used to keep all of my poems in. When I first started writting poetry, a bit over 9 years ago, I used to be beyond insecure about my work...and ONLY recently I began sharing it with people. Since this isn't like a type of myspace {which millions of people are on it and can see it} I've decided to put a few poems on here. That's the thing that I just LOVE about this fearnet community...it's an actual 'community' everyone likes everyone, we all have one thing that brings all of us together, and its a small tight-nit group. And none of us are the-odd-one-out. Everyone excepts everyone here, and no one is being 'bashed' for being 'werid', infact we embrace it here. And thats what I love about this site and everyone in it. So, since I feel so comfortable with all of you, I'm going to put in some old poems. This one was written about my husband. About two years ago, he and I were constantly fighting. The both of us were at our high peck of our insomnia...mine was such a mild case compared to his, he hadn't slept for months on end...we did nothing but fight. Shit got really bad at the time and my only outlet for me is my writting. I write about everything. Now, for us...were both on crazy amounts of meds for sleep{that dosen't work that great, but its good enough were not like we were}...and hes much better with his sleeping{I wrote more on the insomina issue in the insomina forum by asherz if any r interested}...check it out!

Anyways, here's the poem....


                      I am the self-righteous woman that you've murdered, so worthless now to stand by all your orders. You know I won't leave, so stop all the asking to, I'll mind my own buisness and speak when only spoken to. You are the man that I've dremt of for decades yet now fighting so aggressively from crucifistic crusades. You fall to the ground from a lifetime of impacts, from the youth that's been raped you attack and attack. And I am the addict just waiting for approval of one thousand spikes of which could never suffice. Enough with is anger, it's gone and left me to, supply enough treatment and I'll hand you my gratitude.


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I like it. It sounds eerie, as if this woman is the only thing she knew in the lifetime before her death. Good job!

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thanx! she doesn't die though. I was speaking as the women to him. but i totally like ur persecptive! as i think of ur comment and the state that i was in when i wrote this...it's given me an idea for a short, set in a diffrent time...like dark ages time...and what i meant my 'murdered' like he murdered my spirit, my being...my everything but not my physical being. I like how u think it's eiree {lol.idk how to spell the right...*sigh* i hat not knowing how 2 spell. lol} anyways thank u so so so much 4 commenting!!!xoxo

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