Bloodsucking freaks

Bloodsucking freaks

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I just watched "the bloodsucking freaks" for the first time, I thought it was good entertainment.

Anyone have any thoughts of this moviebloodsucking freaks?

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Wow that was a movie from back awhile ago..if this is the movie you are talking oldest was born in 1976 and Bloodsuckijng Freaks was playing..the first thing wifey and I did alone when we finally stopped freakling out about leaving the baby alone we went to the movies and saw bloodsucking slavery..blood..gore..people getting ripped apart in front of an had it all..I remember it was real great's a pic of it...Bloodsucking Freaks 1976.jpg

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Yes it's the same movie! I am amazed I havent't heard of it before!

And it sure has it all, I enjoyed it;)

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It's a classic.  Its got a sadistic midget, a naked girl with a strap-on, and blow darts oh my.

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