anyone ever see creepshow?

anyone ever see creepshow?

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just saw it last night, i thought it was great. stephen king plays a good retard.

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Hi Boo!! Creepshow was one of the movies that made me a horror fanatic. Great flick. It was made as an homage to the 50's comics like Tales From The Crypt and The Vault Of Horror and was a great anthology in that way.

Creepshow 2 was good, but not as good as the first without Romero on board. Creepshow 3 is pretty bad. I like it, lol, but I like cheesy horror sometimes.

I've read that a Creepshow 4 was coming, but that they decided to scrap it and re-make the original Creepshow instead. We'll see what happens.

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Great and Awesome movie, I own pt1 and pt2. My fav part in that movie is the creepy old man in the beginning screaming for his cake!!XD. As far as a remake its suppose to be in production, I know nothing more lol!

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i own it love it i have a black metal band named fluffy after the thing in the crate from the movie our band is fluffy thats what tom savini called the thing in the crate lmao good buddy of mine.Wink

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Yes lovely


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Love Creepshow! Not only is the animation nicely done but so are the stories, especially Stephen King's role. Him & Romero had such a great hit with this & Creepshow 2 was just as good as well. Shame they weren't apart of Creepshow 3.

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hell yes, love that f*cking wooden indian statue that comes to life.

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yep!Stephen Kings story is funny.The one that creeped me out the most was the one with ted danson and leslie neilson. The whole creeping of the zombied remains of the wife and her lover to his house had me on my couch back in the day! and the creature in the crate was good too!

i also liked the second creepshow. The Dimestore Indian and the Raft are particurally good.

might I recommend "tales from the dark side"!an excellent anthology which has a very gorgeous Deborah Harry in the thread story!

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OMG! who doesnt like creepshow?!  If you dont like creepshow then your not a good horror fan! ....Loved the one about the Indian..and the one with the raft and all that black tar shit...was pretty good!

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They were great!! The indian was a great revenge story! I wasnt as much into the 3rd I thought it was awful!

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and Part II. I actually met Adrienne Barbeau, the woman who plays "Billie" in "The Crate." She was also in the film "The Fog."

But yes, love Creepshow!


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