anyone ever see creepshow?

anyone ever see creepshow?

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just saw it last night, i thought it was great. stephen king plays a good retard.

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CREEPSHOW%202.jpgYes, i have indeed seen both 1 and know as embarrassing as it is to admit the purple monkey in the crate actually scared me a while back lol. Something about it. Stephen King was hilarious in it as well. "Meator shit"Creepshow5.jpg

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yet again another masterpiece from the king. i dont think theres one horror film by stephen king that i didnt like.

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I really enjoyed that Stephen even put himself into the movie. That whole story with him and the meteor was a good story line.

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My favorite story is "Something To Tide You Over" with Ted Danson and Leslie Nielson. i've watched that so many times I can recite every word of it, which irritates my wife to no end, lol.

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Hello Angell with fw..The creatures name from the crate was was either Romero or Savini that called him that... hmmm.. He looks like a



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Tom Savini coined the name for the creature from The Crate...if I remember correctly.

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I saw it years ago but I recently found a copy at a yard sale Watched it with my daughter who loved it.

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has anyone not seen creepshow? that is what i would like to know! if you haven't, dont' add me.  ha, kidding.

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everyone loves creepshow........i kno i did

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Creepshow is the shit I love that movie. 'Fathers Day' is one of my favorite stories in it but they're all good I think. Creepshow II is sick too but after that they kind put it lightly.......sucked.


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