anyone ever see creepshow?

anyone ever see creepshow?

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just saw it last night, i thought it was great. stephen king plays a good retard.

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i seen all 3 creepshows and i think that the 1 and 2 are good not great but good and the 3rd one is freakin stupid bad graphic bad acting the whole 9 yards. and the trick or treat movie i thought was good better than the 2nd creepshow but not better than the first.

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Which one?

1 was good, 2 was nice, 3 was a crap shoot...

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Creepshow 1 & 2 are, in my opinion, classics. They remind me of my childhood. I grew up loving these movies and i will always enjoy watching them. I haven't seen the third one, but from what everyone is saying i am not missing much. I own the first one, but it's been along time since i have got to see the second one. I will have to check it out again soon.

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Loved creepshowWant A Drink

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hey check out the tales from the darkside movie you will love it! it is basicly the unofficial creepshow 3 has alot of the same peeps from the 1st one. (yes & b4 anyone says i know about the actual creepshow 3)

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i love that movie.

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Hell ya I have. I used to watch it all day and night when I was sick and stayed out of school.  No better medicine than a lil (okay A LOT) of Creepshow:)

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heres my signed copy, my mate owns this store so i got to hang out with himcreepshow

one more thing i will repeat myself TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE MOVIE IS THE REAL CREEPSHOW 3!

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Ill have to check it out been along time since i seen it .....


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