STORY ABOUT A SUCCUBUS ENTITLED : "SHE" This is just a sample tease,enjoy.

STORY ABOUT A SUCCUBUS ENTITLED : "SHE" This is just a sample tease,enjoy.

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It was in the wee hour of the night,just around 3:30.  Marie Winslow and Tyler Green were sitting in a parked car on a side road kissing. Tyler was sitting before the steering wheel. He had one of his arms stretched out over the top of the steering wheel and his other wrapped around Marie's back embracing her,pulling her close to himself.  Their lips were locked while his tongue gently massaged hers then their tongues played a touch and go. Marie smoothed her hand over Tyler's thigh and squeezed his crotch.  Marie was white,with long brown hair and a heart-shaped face. Nicely shaped,twenty -eight years old.  Tyler,was light skinned with short black hair,average build and tall.  While they sat there,they could feel a slight vibration from heavy trucks and almost feel the breeze of passing cars. They ignored the traffic during their moment of passion.Tyler stopped kissing Marie a moment and looked into her eyes.  "I know what you want!"he said.  Marie smiled and shyly pulled down one of the straps of her top.  The car suddenly violently rocked,as if a hard wind blew over it.  "What the hell was that?" Tyler asked. "It must of been a truck!" Marie said. Tyler rolled down his window and looked out at the traffic. "there's not even a truck in sight!"he said. "Earthquake?" Marie said. "I don't know about an earthquake,but if there's gonna be anymore car rocking, it's gonna be you and me," Tyler said,rolling up the window. "Turn up the A.C.!" Marie said,reaching out for the dashboard controls.  "Where are we gonna do it? There's no room up front," Marie said. "Look behind you. Did  you forget we're in a station wagon and there's nothing in the back on the floor? Come on,let's crawl!" Tyler said and both of them crawled over the seat,looking like two people in some kind of basic training.  As they touched the floor board in the back of the car,the car rocked so hard that Marie rolled to one side of the car and Tyler rolled into her. "Alright ,let me see-" Tyler started to say before Marie interrupted."No. Don't go. I'm alright," she said. "Maybe you're alright. The hellwith it!" Tyler said and pulled off his sneakers and pants. Tyler crawled on top of Marie and the rear end of the car felt as if it had been raised and slammed onto the round so hard that it loosened the rear door. "That did it!" Tyler said,crawling on his knees to the rear door. "Oh ! Did you feel that ?" Marie asked. "That was me ! Just kidding. That did it for sure!" Tyler said and just as Tyler grabbed the door handle and opened it,the door flung open with a force as if someone had violently snatched it open. "What the hell?" Tyler said, and before he could get one legout of the car,he was violently dragged out.  The back of his head hit the pavement with a thump. Marie screamed. Tyler was being quickly dragged down the road by an unseen force.  Marie saw Tyler stop. She got out of the car and went running down the road screaming, "Tyler!"  Passing cars ignored Marie's ranting and just as Marie was about to reach Tyler,she was violently flung up in the air into the path of a speeding truck.  Marie hit the cab and went up over it,slamming into the front of the the trailer and dropped,falling under and being dragged beneath eight wheels on oneside of the truck.  The truck's wheels smashed Marie's head like a watermelon. The rest of her mangled body shot out from  under the wheels and laid sprawled like road kill.  Tyler screamed and tried to sit up. His attention was quickly diverted when he felt something gently stroking his penis.  He tried to fight the feeling then soon gave in. "What?" he said ,moaning as he felt a heavy weight on top of him. Tyler's legs started moving out and up,out and up as if if he was running on his back. Tyler felt a strange coldness that gave him a numbing feeling in his legs. Tyler was being screwed by the demon,She. The demon suddenly stopped and Tyler was relieved of the sudden weight. When he looked down at himself he had ejaculated all over himself; then Tyler cut his eyes up towards the trees. He sensed something terrible was about to happen. He laid there pinned on the ground staring up at the trees.  Tyler saw the tops of the trees suddenly part; leaves and branches were breaking and falling.  Something was coming down at great speed and it was coming for him.  Tyler screamed. He wanted to cower and and cover or even run,but he couldn't move. A shrieking scream rang out. Tyler closed his eyes tightly and mumbled the Lord's prayer as something hellish was plunging down from the sky. The demon shrieked again,with a deafning scream and on impact,Tyler screamed.      Written by "DEAD CRAZY

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OMG! I'm so wicked glad that you posted this! So far its amazing. i love the you already know. Dude, this is what I'm talkin about! This was such a great succubus piece! What a tease! I can't wait 'til {or if} you posthe rest of it! I like how you added the humor in the car...I always love dark tales that have the right humor in it. I like how you had Maire die...very kool man, very kool! Just a note, I think you should get more descriptive with what is happening to Tyler as he is being draged down the road...i was looking for that. Whats happening to him? What is he expierenceing? Seeing? Smelling? His thoughts? etc. This was  such a great read! I can't wait for more! Peace, love and vicodin!

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