Dean Koontz, Books To Movies

Dean Koontz, Books To Movies

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Hey, Horror Fans! 'Servants of Twilight' is on Fearnet this month. What do you think is the best book-to-movie? Mine? 'Phantoms'. Next, 'Desperation'. What book would you like to see as a movie? Mine? Gotta be, 'Tick Tock'!  What do you think, Horror Fans?                 Later!       Kaboom

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I would love to see the Odd Thomas books be made into movies. Probaby wouldn't be considered horror, but they are my favorite Dean Koontz books so far.

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Phantoms was good along with some S.King movies.  I'd personally like to see more H.P. Lovecraft short stories turned into films.  There is Re-Animator and Dunwich Horror, but most of the Lovecraft short stories are pretty bad foreign films.  I'd like to see more well known directors taking a hack at the H.P. Lovecraft shorts.

Also Thomas Harris books that turned out to be decent movies were Silence of The Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon and Hannibal Rising (wasn't bad either).

But I need more Lovecraft!

It's rumored that "The Thing" was taken from H.P.'s short story callen "At The Mountains of Madness."

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I'm not a huge book reader..Phantoms will always be my favorite of his..the book and the movie were both great..I made a Phantoms's in my videos if you don't remember the movie..

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I really like Koontz's books. Phantoms was a decent movie but I don't think filmakers have done much justice with most of the film adaptations. I'd luv to se Mr. Murder if it's done well, along with a dozen other of his books. Tick Tock would be fun!!

King's movies have been really good, however, I have not read any of the books though... (tooo long-winded for me)

Thomas Harris's Lecter series made a very good transition from book to film!

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i was never a fan of dean koontz. he writes good stories i just find the way he writes to be boring as hell... phantoms was a good movie though

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