Dates From Hell: The Horror Dating Game

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Dates From Hell: The Horror Dating Game

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I'm sure EVERYONE has had at least a few of these.  The subject matter on this forum isn't getting any activity so I thought a few of us might want to share some stories?  Whether you made the mistake of meeting the WRONG individual on the net, had a blind date from Hell, or found out in other ways you bit off more then you could chew or what you were chewing on was artificial? 


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She's talking about labels, types, species of creatures that are a serious waste of 02.  It would be nice if "they" did come equipped with a sign that says, YES I AM A DUMBASS.

My last girlfriend went to pieces but she did stop screaming and bitching, about 2 minutes after I put her in the log splitter.


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And remember Guys and Dolls.........

No matter how hot and sexy.....good looking....good in bed they are......out there somewhere is or was someone who was tired up putting up with their shit

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Ok so a lil while back I was in a place in my life where I was a single parent kinda lonely and ready for a relationship. Being a parent I didnt have the chance to go out and drink or even go out on dates that much cause I had my daughter most of the time.. I met this that was going to college in my town we hit it off pretty good it was just kinda a fling they after a lil while she moved in with me. This girl was very very attractive almost done with college already had a fulltime job so really a all around good catch.

The she came out. So after a few months she started going through my phone which i had some things in there that had been there for awhile that shouldnt have been so that didnt go very well. So then She started getting online and breaking into my account and seeing everyone that i was calling and texting. She went to extremes to find out who these people were by calling them and from diff numbers and asking them who they were and how they knew me. which is crazy! Then she went around finding all of my ex's and trying to get info about me or see if I had been talking to them or when the last time i talk to them was.

So to make a long story short we had a bad falling out and she was just so crazy that she wouldnt leave or she would threated to kill herself or say she was pregnant it was always something and I could not physically get her to leave at all. Its awful that she was so good with my daughter and sooo good looking but a total psycho. After she finally left and i had to go throw hell to get that to happen she stalked me and for almost a year after that anyone that i dated someone she would find out about she would find them online or some how get there phone number then she would send them pictures of me that were intimate or nude of me from when we were together and seeing how she was stalking me she knew when i was alone so she would send this pics to whoever i was seeing or dating and tell them that it occured on this date when she knew that i was alone or wasnt with that person!! She would tell them that me and her were married or that she was pregnant and I left her or some sob story to make them feel sorry for her. So finally it all stoped but I had to threaten with restraining orders and she made my life a living hell for almost 2 years!!

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I dated this guy for about two months who was completely perfect, unfortunately i'm a girl that loses interest easily.

He was about eight years my senior, well educated, had a great job, was a sergeant in the army and served two tours in Iraq.

When he started talking about marriage I called it off with him. About one hour later I get a string of 49 voice mails saying at first that I'm making a horrible mistake and we're meant to be together and as the parade of voice mails progressed they started getting more threatening.  To the effect I had to slap a restraining order on him because he was stalking me.  Oh and did I mention the animal remnants he smeared all over my mailbox? I still don't know what the hell it was but I found a bag of dead frogs on my door step.  He knew I hated frogs.

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man you people date crazy people, good stuff tho man "i cant be with some one who hates babies" was the damn funniest shit of the day

but i shall share  a story not really a date nor was it HORROR date for me it was just fucking werid

so it happned like this chick was having a lil kick back at a motel room about 8 or 9 people there including my self so we are drinking and all just bull shitting around bam we run out of beer i take a taxi with her to get more we fool around in the taxi on the way back get to the motel drink some more skip skip skip im passed out on the floor i feel some one kicking me its the chick so i get up follow her in the bath room and we do the deed went from the bathroom to the bed to the floor haha and while all that was happneing her man her boyfriend who is now her husband i have been told is passed out ON THE BED haha thats not the werid part all that was groovy the werid part is what happend in the morning ok im sleeping on the damn bed now yes we are all on the bed and i feel it rocking and im thinking wtf man earthquake o no its not it just so happens these people are doing the horazontal dance RIGHT NEXT TO ME so im like what the hell jump out of the damn bed look for my smokes i find them go out side YES IT GETS WERIDER as soon as i am out the door she starts gettign loud, after they are all done she walks out side. in a lil shirt and thats ALL SHE HAS ON  and people are walking out there rooms to go to there cars so like an dumbass i go back in side and she says you should have stayed and watch it would have been so hot .. so i sit on a chair thats in there and turn on the tv and god damn it they start going at it again, and as i walk out there door she wants me to "JOIN IN" all i did was laugh and walk out i mean dont get me wrong if it was 2 girls and me then hell ya i would have joind in ... then after all that craps done with we go to the river to swim and she almost makes ME get in to a fight with about 5 mexicans im thinking to my self what the hell is wrong with her im out numbered AND im in a body of water. how it ended and i got out of drowning was all the lil mexican dude said to me was YOUR COOL shook my hand and walked off

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all of these stories remind me of why i try to avoid human contact. i prefer aliens, or robots


Yeah, but sometimes the more you try to avoid people, the more they insist on hangin around. Hard to be anti social among the curious. They must think you are or have, hidden gold or something, lol. Being fairly anti social myself in that I prefer most of the time to be alone and while there are only a few friends, I consider them more than family and am extremely loyal.

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I have a few restraining orders out on ex-girls. I can honestly say this has been a fucked up thread. But i was entertined. Tells me that real life is way more horrible than films. Wow. after me last girlfriend, I want to be alone for the rest of my life!

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everyone I have ever dated has been a bit crazy...

lets see... there was my ex that would refer to himself as different names depending on his mood... he would break up with me for no reason and then come back just as I was starting to get over him... he was in love with a drug addict and drunk that kept having kids and giving them away and in his eyes I just couldn't compare to her... he freaked out on me at a cemetery one night because he thought "we were bringing something bad back with us" so he drove to a church where he tried to throw "holy dirt" on me... got mad at me once and handed me a loaded gun and told me to shoot myself... this was actually my longest and most loving relationship lol


I had just started dating another guy and he was on his way to my house and then I find out he has been also seeing my best friend so I call him to try and tell him not to come and he had already left but on his way here he got into a car accident which resulted in a fight and him shooting someone so then he went to prison and I didn't have to see him again hoad another boyfriend cancel a date with me and he ended up going out and getting himself shot...


really awkward "date" was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time and his best friend (met my boyfriend thrugh him but he liked me so it made things weird) anyway we are all hanging out rolling which is what all usually did and the only time we all got along... we were doing a massage train... my boyfriend in front of me and his friend sitting behind me and all very innocent you dirty minded people... everyone had clothes on... just massages... anyway his friend starts kissing my neck and my boyfriend/his best friend is right in front of me... so I kinda just freeze up like what should I do? do I finally turn back and said what are you doing? and then my boyfrien turns back and asks what is going on and everyone is just staring at me and I didn't know what to say so I just sorta changed the subject... anyway the next day we rented a hotel and it was me and my boyfriend... his best friend (the kissing guy) and his girlfriend and another guy and girl and we are rolling and drinking again and I don;t know by this point I found the whole thing that happened the night before kinda funny so I don't know why but I decide to share the story with my boyfriend and of course I tell him not to say anything... not only does he say something but he says something in front of everything including this guys girlfriend and everyone is just staring at me again and I felt so embarrassed... so I just worked on getting everyone so messed up that they wouldn't remember the night which ended the next afternoon with my boyfriends friend puking all over the hotel room


I had an ex that stalked me for awhile... would just sit in the parking lot of my apt building and stare at my window


one night I was about 14 I went to go hang out with this guy out of bordom about 3am and we were in an abandon building and then I find out he is tripping and he totally starts to freak out and thinks he is a werewolf and he thinks we are in a shopping mall and he keeps talking about a green porshe and just crazy stuff and I am thinking why did I come to an abandon building at 3am and no one knows where I am or who I am with and this guy is freaking out on me so for 2 hrs or so I am stucking playing along with this insanity so he stays calm and doesn't try to push me down the elevator shaft or something...

I have never had a normal friend or boyfriend.. and throughout my teens there were very few days or dates that ended without the police or someone passing out or a fight or something crazy

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Gotta add some humor here .......strangely enough my wife wont let me date anymore......


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