Dates From Hell: The Horror Dating Game

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Dates From Hell: The Horror Dating Game

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I'm sure EVERYONE has had at least a few of these.  The subject matter on this forum isn't getting any activity so I thought a few of us might want to share some stories?  Whether you made the mistake of meeting the WRONG individual on the net, had a blind date from Hell, or found out in other ways you bit off more then you could chew or what you were chewing on was artificial? 


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oh man.....where to begin.....

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im a maneater.... or i used to be so i dont have any horror stories but i do have plenty of crazy one -night stand stories

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I had a sadistic ex-boyfriend who had the gall to blackmail, humiliate, threaten, and spread viscious and disgusting rumors about me. It got to be so horrific that I actually had to drop out of high school and get a GED. The school knew...but did nothing. Education at its' finest huh? I still hold a grudge against the American instiution of high school. That level in Silent Hill where you're in the otherworld school...that's how I feel about the whole thing.

bathrooms are always scary

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up until resently, i was married to a man who was funny, charming and apparently intelligent, if something of a heavy drinker ( but at the time so was i ) who after about a year of marriage , became increasingly emotionally and verbally abusive, asked to see the tits , or if they wanted to sleep with US, of every female who walked in the door and had me brain washed enough that i put up with this shit for nearly 5 years. yes i am leavin out quite a bit of the detail mostly because i dont wanna ruin my own day by thinkin to closely on how completly blind retarded and drunk i have been for the last ten years and 2 marriages, theh end of the latest ... he decided to go to rehab thinking that this would make me stay with him because it was quite obviousn to everyone around us that i was done and lookin for my moment to leave , but being the type of person who believes in departing with as little drama as possible, i waited until he was in the rehab joint b4 makin my arrrangements to not only tell him but have a place to go. 7 days intoa 45 day program he PROMISED himself he would complete he calls me up and forces me tell him over the phone that i no longer want to be his maid mother and concubine. i leave, and for about the next year he wont leave me alone, shows up at my place and tries the i understand why u left me im such a jerk, can we try to be friends routine, when i finally have enough of this bs and tell him to just stay the hell awayfrom me, he drinks more heavily yet, starta abusing his medications and calling me  leaving messages that he is gonna kill himself, he has taken x amount of pills with x amount of alcohol and this continues to the point that THE GUY I WAS NOW DATING  picked him up and took him to the hospital when he refused the ambulance waited for 2 hours only to find out hehad not taken any meds he was just drunk.

the next night he starts again with the same scebnario only this time he also has a knife and is slashin his wrists and bleeding as we "speak" i let my friend listen to the call, she calls him back from my cell and tells him shes sending the police over and if he isnt bleedin all over the floor then he soon will be. the cops arricve, he has slashed his wrists quite deep and has a cut on his neck and id still holding the knife when he opends the door to thee medics and cops.

wow what a fun time that was.....

the marriage before, merely a prelude to the previous story, only this time i was called home from 3rd shift by him onloy to find police and medics at my house where they kicked in the door because my then hubby had got naked, turned the death metal up as loud as it would go, covered himself in baby powder and passed out in the kitchen in vriont of the picture window. the cops were called on noise complaint and discovered what appearred to be a dead man lying naked on the floor of a locked and lioud mobile home.

AHHH the memories...the felonies, the divorces.. if i sign one of those papers ever again, the guy better be a friggin god in the sack, a sweetheart with a smartass streak the rest of the time and truly love me and even then i will probabvly say no but i will ahve your chilren.... lmfao.. some one shoot me, atleast i see the pattern now and have given up the beer goggles.....

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This isn't exactly a horror story, but a blind date froM hell set up by my Mother. When I was 15 my Mother talked me into going on a date with this older man named He was in his mid 20's. I didn't know squat about him but my Mother talked me into it and kept telling me how wonderful he was. I didn't know what to expect but I was a little hippy chic and expected someone that at least had a few things in common with me , like music and maybe some partying. This would have been in So I dressed up in a halter top, braless, and my hip-hugger jeans.

He showed up at the house dressed like BS!  He was an Elvis fan and amateur impersonator. OMG, he had on a white bell bottomed jump suit with a white and studded cape. His hair was black and he had long, bushy sideburns. Plus he was fat. This was before Elvis died. (just goes to show how old I am)He also had a Southern accent. He dressed like Elvis every time he picked me up, either in black or white, always a damned cape around him.

He never drank or smoked, didn't swear, was a perfect gentleman and was a big Mama's boy just like Elvis. After about a month of this embarrassment, I ditched him.




"Love is like soup. . . . . . the first sip is too hot. . . the last sips are too cold." - French proverb. Of course he didnt take into account the creeps, lounge lizards, cheaters, liars, users, weirdos, stalkers, and crazies of BOTH sexes. That would be soup with a turd in it.

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