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time warner

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What happend to fearnet on cable loved you guys then...

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Many people are having the same beef with Time Warner.  Apparently Time Warner would not renew it's contract with FearNet.  Several months ago thousands of members signed petitions to get it back on.............called Time Warner, called the big shots and then got no where.  Up north the only other option is to switch to AT&T U-Verse or Verizon Fios (or that's what I've been told).  So I guess we'll just have to miss what we love until someone can provide another answer.

I'm wondering if FearNet knows anything about if or when Time Warner renews the contracts each year?  Wondering if there has been any deal in the making but have heard absolutely nothing.


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Meanwhile back at the ranch, another cooking channel has its claws out there. Why do they make multiple channels about said topics but horror channels just do not exist anymore-or in this case dropped. The genre is a loved one and their are thousands of fans that agree with me- so its not a money issue (well, one would believe anyway-) I hope things work out and they realize that dedicated fans-numbers growing daily-want a channel they can count on for their horror fix- AND FEARNET IS THAT CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!lol-


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