Cigarette Superstitions

Cigarette Superstitions

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I've always heard that if your cigarette goes out by itself twice that it means danger is around.  I think this traces back to the vietnam war, when soldiers used to get shot by lighting their cigarettes at night and by doing so, the enemy saw the glow in the wilderness.

Can anyone think of others?

I've always turned one cigarette upside-down in a pack since I first learned to smoke.  My friends and I used to refer to this cig. as "a lucky."  Where did this urban legend originate from?

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Spooky New York has always had the sin and the sin taxes..but I have a know when someone who has quit  smoking or someone who has never smoked will get in my face a tell me my breath smells like an ashtray..well kiss my ass..those people have no problem standing in my face with booze on their breaths smelling like PUKE..yup that right people who have been drinking their breath smell like PUKE..but oh no I can't say anything about the people who know if people who smoke were a race or color or creed and treated like people who smoke get treated some one would go to jail over it..we've been singled out as those people..well I'm done bitching ..well here anyways..good topic Spooky...

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Well I do know all states have the sin tax, but heard that today supposedly the cigs in some states are going up $4+ extra dollars in tax and the folks fighting that raise in tax are the Seneca's and other indians because although they do include tax (combined in the price), they have decent cheaper cigs from their own reservation companies.  Which of course Phillip Morris and The Fed. Gov't don't like so much.  So, let me know if they go up.

Yes, smokers are discriminated against.  I do feel that way myself.  Nobody's ever lost their kids, car, house or went to jail for being addicted to cigarettes unless they burn their house down or rob a bank to buy tobacco. I'm sure everyone gets the drift of that.

Non smokers do piss me off a lot because I get lectured endlessly about it.  I'm like "how can you ask me to stop smoking?I don't ask you to stop breathing!" It's almost the same to me.  If I did quit it would be to save money, not because I'm trying to reform myself to be a yuppie ex smoker.

I've been around people with the same issues as you.  They weeze and cough and complain and whine, "Ohhh the smoke is hurting me, burning my eyes etc."  But then they dowse like a gallon of perfume on themselves and spray aresol shit that makes everybody gag, everywhere.  Maybe if people quit bitching I'd be able to quit.  I can't f-ing sit there and here people whine and complain about everything in life in general and not want a cigarette.  In all actuality, sometimes it's the only thing standing between me and flipping out.  What's worse, a cigarette break or 20 years in prison for clocking some asshole who won't stay out of my face and off my nerves for 5 minutes? 

Makes me wonder sometimes.



The upside down cig is not a superstition. Back in the greaser days when I was a tyke the local gangs all did the same thing, my uncles and aunts too. They had the one cig upside down so that you would leave it for last and know that it WAS your last smoke. If someone asked to bum a cigarette you could glance at the pack and if that upside down one was the only one left the answer was NO.

In the military, if you are on the front line, you cover the tip with your hand so enemy snipers wont blow your head off when they see the glow.

In WWI it became the NORM and the superstition. What happened WAS guys would take a break together and usually to save on matches, fluid or just politeness, guys would light up each others smokes. The "superstition" became that by the third cigarette a sniper had you in his sight. Matches usually only made it to 3 smokes. After that, no one would light more than one or two and always cover the flame.


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Thanks H.F.  I knew that had to be the case. Just needed the confirmation.  Thanks.


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I still do the lucky cigarette so no one will steal my pack.  I don't know how many times I've caught people trying to lift my smokes.  I bust them everytime.  Bartenders at bars have also saved my pack for me because they know I'm the only one around that hangs around and does that with thier cigarette.  No matter what, it's a lucky thing I do because it has saved me alot of money!!

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I may have done the lucky cig a few times when I first started but that was about it. I love to smoke and I'm never quitting. Besides, nobody likes a quitter!! lol I would probably kick someone in the shin if they told me to put my smoke out, then I'd blow it in their face. Friggin' anti-smokers, they can all kiss my ass!!!!!!! It is a very clear discrimination!


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I heard if you light a cig, and only half is lit, someone is thinking about you. I'm pretty sure it's just an urban legend, though.


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hey ive heard some wierd stuff about cigarettes but the wierdest was when my friend told me that "if there is a black ash ring around the base of the cherry you are in very grave danger" just wanting to know if anyone out there has had this happen or heard of this


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