Saw it. Horrible situation, but not horror. Never generates a worthwhile mood of fear or even true creepiness in the HORROR sense. Too clinical. One note acting by the Mad Doctor who acts insane even when cops come to question him which means the girls should have noticed something was friggin wrong with him and not just walk into his home. A one note, one act play dealing in a disgusting concept. Liked 1 second at the end though. What did any of you think that saw it ?HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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i saw this some time ago.  i was neither here nor there with it...i just thought, "whatever".  i think it DID make me think about an actor's job tho...u'll never convince me it's not just about the paycheck, smtimes.  lol

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I thought it was alright. I thought it was horror-ish. In the 80s and 90s there were a bunch of horror like films with mad scientist doing experiments and what not. Perhaps not your cup of tea...but I think this is just a new school take on something that has been done before.


The only thing I thought was off, was the fact that this guy spent his life seperating co-joined twins (forgot the proper word *BURNOUT*)


Yet the guy has this weird fantasy and obsession with making a very long gastric line, by joining them together.


This aint my movie so I couldn't care less, but IT WOULD HAVE MADE MORE SENSE if he had been a gastroenterologist or something, rather than a Dr who splits people appart. I get he is doing the oposite of his proffession.....but they put so much enphasis on the gastric / digestive line.....even the pictograms focus on that....



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it was ok...great premise though. i felt the story should have been stronger to justify the idea. it felt as if he just took a great concept and added shit to make it stretch out to a a full length. probably should of made a short first out of it ...


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