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I didnt care for this eppi it was confusing maybe if I watched it again, but it wasnt that good

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Havent watched it yet Buff but I WILL just as promised. Im sure its a good episode and as I said, Im so bored and tired with some of the "new" horror that I am currently watching b&w horror from the 30s and 40s and plan on watching the two silent GREATS NOSFERATU and DER GOLEM from 1923 and see how horror got started.

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Der Golem thats about the Jewsih concentration camp, and the Clay man?


Its based on the Hebrew legend of the GOLEM which CAN save the People at the RIGHT time OR will kick everyones ass if the WRONG person brings him to life. I have only seen CLIPS cause the original film in 1922 was ravaged by time and no one full copy existed. I believe I will be seeing whatever was left and pieced together. It IS the FIRST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE.

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I'll see if they have one at wallmart, or bestbuy tomorrow.

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Ha ha, I don't know who's talking to who, but yes!!

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The first one episode I saw was Community, and I loved it so I was really excited to see some other episodes, Chance just didn't do it for me, it was hard to get though and just not exciting. It's like "omg I killed a bunch of people" but they weren't even killed in exciting ways or anything, just mediocre.


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