I give up

I give up

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Eh, I've had with people badmouthing me for my grammar. They're always nit picking and pissing me off. I'm sorry that I don't appease to you, idiot people that love to read. I won't bother you ever again. I'm sorry that my horrendous writing appalls you. Goodbye

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Obviously these people have nothing better to do with their time then to pick apart other people. I just read some of your work... I saw nothing wrong with it.... but then again I'm not some crazed person that has O C D. I wouldn't give up because of what these lower life degenerates have to say. There are always going to be people out there that are going to try and lower the standards of someone else, just to make themselves look and feel better about themselves....Keep writing there are people out there that do enjoy it. I myself am one of them...

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FUCK EM BRO let them try to write something half as good then they can comment keep it up

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i want names now!!! give me the people responsible for these discriminating remarks ,and let the carpenter deal with it bro!!!have faith in your work teller!!!!peace!!!AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhYell

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I don't know what these people have said but maybe, maybe they want to help you become better? But you as the write can just pick what to listen to so if you don't like what they say just don't listen too it.

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The more you'll write the better you'll get.  Don't pay attention to them.  You're stories are good.  Take this as constructive criticism.  Great story telling is backed up with how good you write, a good plot, good characters, a good ending and good grammer.  It's not professional so you're grammer doesn't have to be perfect now.  It's just something to work on.  My grammer isn't perfect, but like everything else, it's just one more thing to become good at.

As Always,


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What made me mad was that she wasn't using good grammar. Don't preach to me and then act like a hypocrite. I know my stuff is eh, but don't sit there and say that when you aren't doing it yourself.

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All writers get criticized, rich famous ones and the ones that sees writing more like a hobby with mom as their biggest fan. Everyone will get criticized if they choose to show their work to others, just ignore the ones that don't come up with something constructive.

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My grammar isn't too bad, it's the punctuation that gets to me.


Every artist has to learn to accept CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and ignore the NEGATIVE USELESS CRITICISM. The artist has to learn to step away from emotion, stop feeling beat up, or insulted, or EVEN OVERLY PRAISED. BULLSHIT COMPLIMENTS are every bit as bad as negative useless criticism. Otherwise the artist will NOT be good and not know it. The saying is, if you cant take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. An artist that wants to produce FOR THE PUBLIC HAS TO get a TRUE feel of what the public likes or doesnt like or he will not be successful. Of course there are MANY famous artists who people didnt like DURING THEIR LIFETIME. All depends on what you want. EVEN here, when we critique a movie, we are REJECTING someones work. Im sure that hurts that persons feelings too, but its the game they chose. We, their "customers" are the jury. Not only that but how often do regular critics HATE horror movies we love and vice versa ? Thats why there are many people who write for their OWN ENJOYMENT. Never letting anyone except their closest friends read them. But do they then want the truth from them ?THE FEARNET BOOK CLUB

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Criticism is fine, but don't sit there and tell me to write it a certain way if you're not heeding your own preach, you know? That's my point. If you're good at grammar and actually show it, then I shall respect your choice and try to help myself with it.


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