Looks, cute. And "cute"

About Mari - Kari

Mari and Kari are identical twins. They’re best friends and never apart. Mari is the liveliest girl you’ll ever meet. Kari is too. Her problem: she’s dead. From there it gets weird.

Looks, cute. And "cute"

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I LOVE conflicting messages in media. Cute and horrible in the same breath?

My wife is going to LOVE this. ^.^

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I never paid much attention to the conflicting words. Thanks for pointing it out. 

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I tried explaining to a French woman how something can be "PRETTY UGLY".

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I don't like French as a language or as a country. I'm going to Europe next summer and can't seem to talk my friends out of NOT going to France. 


I love the French language and culture but have never cared for their politicians, until the current one in charge, and the gaelic penchant to think they are the only ones that count in the world. I dont care for conceit, even in my own country, but they take it to the limit. They never seem to acknowledge the incredible help they received in WWII from allies like the British and ourselves just to name two.

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at first it looked like it was going to be stupid, you know.  but i watched the first episode and i thought it was funny.  so i watched the second episode and now i think im hooked lol yeah.  it's a pretty fun show lol.  i cant wait for the next episodes to come out on thursday.  I think a two news ones are supposed to come out every turhsday. 

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