Innocence Part One/ Introduction

Innocence Part One/ Introduction

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C' can''t just stop here - ? It's got a good start, I wanna see where you take it!

As it stands, I would be inclined to think that the infomercial playing on TV about a cleaning product is probably that damn ShamWow one...that guy could drive anyone to butcher their own family so you really can't blame a six year old for such actions..

Beside, if she had ShamWoW she coulda cleaned up this whole mess up and with only half a rag and no evidences would have ever been found!

Keep writing - I'm just gonna keep making shit up in my head if you don't and that's gonna drive me insane!

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Yeah. That damn guy made me want to kill someone on numerous occassions. It's as if it is something that digs deeply into your mentality and urges you to kill, especially the dang remix. Shamwow is evil, I tells ya!

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Naw, shamwow isn't evil, if it was it would've been cool on this site

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No, it may not be, but that guy sure as hell is. I hate him. He is pure evil.

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You can't stop there... I NEED MORE... FEED ME MORE... 

That is an incredible beginning... 

As far as the Sham wow guySham wow

he got busted for beating up a prostitute. 

I knew he was way toooooo happy selling those dam towels...

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Beating up prostitutes?  That guy just preformed a public service... WTF??  I don't care what you guys think the ShamWow dude is cool as fuck!  I would totally buy a ShamWow from him.  Good for crime scene clean up.  ;-)  Yet, I am pretty sure he knows it and that's why he is soooo excited about pushing the product.

As Always,


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The original commercials were alright, but when they did that remix, I sworn to hate that guy, lol

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I've decided this would be better suited for Blog Post. If you want to read this, look under my blog post. Thank you...

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