I can't watch the videos!

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Mari and Kari are identical twins. They’re best friends and never apart. Mari is the liveliest girl you’ll ever meet. Kari is too. Her problem: she’s dead. From there it gets weird.

I can't watch the videos!

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I just knew about this awesome new show, which is Mari-Kari and I wanted to go watch the two episodes of it...I clicked on the 1st episode and I waited for the video to appear and it didn't look to work.

Is it because I live in Canada that I cannot view the videos or what? Just asking ^_^ cuz it looks like a really good show to watch! :)

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You SHOULD be able to watch Mari Kari cause they are MADE by FEARnet ! There are licensing issues with movies that prohibit the FEAR from showing them in other countries but since Mari Kari is made here that shouldnt be an issue. Are you sure that your software IS NOT BLOCKING IT. If you are using FIREFOX for instance you should disable the adblocker. Also depending maybe on your firewall. Just a suggestion, Im not a computer guy by any means.HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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Its prob on youtub now since they're only 2 minouts each

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I have issuse about playing vids too, my comp 3 years ago, my puter I got last year, and my computer I got roughly a month ago has issuse of playing the vids to, The video will play, but most of the time it stops and go type of deal, if I put on full screen the vid would play but it somtimes wouldn't shrink and I have to restarte my puter. # comps, the same probs


You know ZB, I had those problems early on and they just seemed to go away by themselves. I wrote it off as a problem with FEARnet ! Thats very strange. Initially the vids would stop and start and sometimes would just freeze and I would have to refresh or get out and come back in. I havent had to do that in months. Like I said, thought it was FEARnet. Hmmmm. Maybe you should run some anti spyware anti virus programs and defrag the hard drive. I know that I caught a virus and ran a program from Malwarebytes and it found all kinds of stuff that I hadnt found with some of my other stuff and have had no probs. AGAIN, dont know if that was my issue here. Still think it was a fear prob that they fixed. There was a couple of months where all of us had issues here. Cant hurt you to try the software and defrag. HOW I FIX MY PC

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Already tried those, tried buying this brand new computer and everything else, same damn probs, I was thinking it's cuz I live 100 miles from the canadian border.


It might be ZB. I know for a fact there are various servers serving different parts of the country and the world. If youre too close, maybe you are on the Canadian server. Can YOU watch Mari Kari cause there shouldnt be licensing probs with that.

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As Hellfighter said, there are issues with rights and licenses.  These always effect our movies, but they do also impact our shows at times.  Mari-Kari is/was commisioned by FEARnet, but the rights to air it are only for the US (and territories). So many appologies to those in canada and around the world for not being able to show this world wide, we just can't do it legally at the moment.

Zombie_man, i think you are being seen by our sever as being in canada (manitoba?  my canadian geography is not what it used to be), if you want to shoot me an email at webmaster@fearnet.com i will see if we can fix that, but i can't make any promises.


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I don't know what it is, because When I'm visiting my parents up in Walhalla (3 miles from the canadian border) Thge vids play just fine. When I got ther about a 1/2 hr ago I could watch Mary Kary and the movies play just fine. Now I'm thinking it's my internet, cuz I'm on Midco, and my parent's are on United Comunications. On the way home I was typing on fearnet using Sister's I phone or I pad or whatever that thing was. I'm thinking that's the prob.

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I have also a problem cant get videos to work. Is it maybe cause im not from US cause some sites have that option ?

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if the rules are diffent in Canada. try webmaster@fearet.com. and let them know you are having difficulties.

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