what are you jamming at the moment?

what are you jamming at the moment?

VileDischarge's picture

me i am listeing to

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

:) la la la la la-la-la-la

so your jamming a good tune come on throw it down every time i come on here im going to throw what im jamming down.

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Corpesbride64's picture

Bowie's in the car... and I just downloaded Doom-  Born Like This. A friend asked me 2 check it out, so I am. It's hip-hop... but some of it's good.

zigzag528's picture

Soundgarden-Jesus Christ Pose....peace-zz

expendableExtra's picture

Listening to an alterative station!

Green Day, Korn, Slipknot, ect... Laughing

VileDischarge's picture

Slayer - Metal Storm

one of my fav songs of not just metal but of music its just a damn great song and i shall have it played at my funeral

joestoutenger's picture

Squeeze..Box..first the song then the music video..You Mama Don't Dance Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll..an old Rock-a-Billy tune called Where Did You Stay Last Night..and before that..The Best of ZZ Top..the whole album...that about it for me....

hopefulmodel's picture

Im an old school junkie so right now Im listening to Banarama Venus !

VileDischarge's picture

and another song i will have palyed at MY funerl is death- voice of the soul........... fucking just a grat great great jam

zigzag528's picture

Robin Trower-Too Rollin Stoned....

MrBradshaw's picture

Right now a mix cd I made it's got some Metallica.....Godsmack.....Pantera....Korn.....Manson....AIC....Anthrax.....Avenge 7 fold.....Soundgarden

VileDischarge's picture

Judas Priest - The Hellion/Electric Eye

Rock on


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