Anyone see Children of the Living Dead?

Anyone see Children of the Living Dead?

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If you did what you think about it, Tom Savini is in it as in most of the Zombie films, Not bad if you want to get introduced to the Zombie Genre.


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lile i said, im a horror movie fan... and therefor, i enjoy all horror genre.  i saw children of the living dead and it was just another zombie horror. others just might be bored with this type of movie, but needless to say...i liked it, its alright, nothin too too special, just another horror to watch!

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this came out in 2001 I was working so many hours then I started to watch this one about 4 times and always fell asleep I guess I'm going to have to see again..lmao..and not fall asleep...Children of the Living Dead 2001.jpg

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Yea, i actually have the dvd. Im really into alot of odd horror films, underground independent b-level stuff. This is more mainstream but i really loved it, i think its a lions gate or artisan film, which i enjoy alot of their horror films!

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i liked it because it had a solid storyline. it was the special effects that made this film hilarious. like the giant claw from 1957.

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