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Is there any Dexter Fans out there?

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Hell yes!

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*Raises hand* Here's another fan of Everyone's Favorite Serial Killer. Heh. 

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dexter is my newest guilty pleasure!

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I'm totally in love with Dexter!

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waiting for the next season to start. So has anyone heard anything about the story line that they are looking to put together for him on this season?

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magnificent, best stuff out there in serial syndication

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Ive read some but from what im getting Trinity may not have killed Rita. Other than that im not sure I know in the Dexter books his sister always knew what he was so it wouldnt suprise me if he doesnt reveal himself to her in this season.

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But of course! hahaa! One of the best series to be on in awhile. I say ONE of the best because there have been a few awesome series to come out- but yes...Dexter is just plain awesome.


Dexter is def one of the best shows ever written and acted. Its the serial killer version of 24. I dont think he is going to reveal himself to his sis. While she SEEMS to have been doing her job well, its because she is always going to Dexter for input. She rarely solves anything on her own and she DEF cant handle anything as serious as Dex being a serial killer. But I wonder if her partner is gonna be a problem or finds out too much about Dex.

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I know in the the last couple of seasons have really strayed from the books big time. I am not sure how this season will play out. I think it is going to be a real challenge to be able to juggle being the father and still satisfy his 'dark passenger' without really raising suspicion. This one could end up being more of a suspense due to the neighbor shedding some light to Dexter being out most nights and his wife not knowing anything about his whereabouts. I think it would totally be cool if his sister gets involved with helping to hunt down those that fit the profile. That would totally blow this series into the stratosphere. I least I think so anyway.


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