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Is there any Dexter Fans out there?

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i wonder if rita and dexter dad well be talking to him in his mind?

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Now that would really mess with him because she did not know anything of his 'dark passenger' so the two could really drive him insane. Hmm, I wonder how that would really effect his mental process.

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Yeah the actress that played rita is coming back this season so I wonder if its just for flash backs or will dexter have a secound dark passenger. I really enjoy the way the story unfolds I just wonder if dexter sister is a serial killer as well. If Dexter had the gene and his brother who he killed had the gene as well as his step father one could only think that its possibe that she has it to.

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Love Dex too!

I hope they're just bringing Rita back for flash backs only.  Like Rita, but dang, she puts such a damper on his craft.  And now her death begs the question...How does her practice his dark art as a single dad?  It's also possible he may face being a murder suspect.

Side Note:  Glad Michael C. Hall is doing well and in remission.


Well, according to FEARnet news, she is NOT returning as a ghost AND she already has Julia Stiles showing up as her sister soooooo. . . . . . . . .  could they be planning on darkening her hair and bringing her in as a totally different person who LOOKS like his wife? Maybe with a diff personality, which would help in the acting awards dept? Maybe even a diff serial killer that happens to look like his wife which would screw with his fooked up head even MORE. . . . . . . . guess we will have to tune in.

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well all I got is..Dexter is great..

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Has anyone done any digging into the additional setup that they had at Comicon for the Infinity Killer? I was wondering if they were trying to tie that to Dexter somehow?

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Good idea HF I dont know they would definately be an odd twist to the story.


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