Dark University - Prologue (Original Story By Jike)

Dark University - Prologue (Original Story By Jike)

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Dark University Prologue

- In a secluded town, on a campus of the main University, two siblings and friends are attending, when something strange and mysterious happens. The twin brother and sister Brian and Brittany begin having similar dreams of things that began to happen to them and those around them.

The arrival of a new set of students seem to be the source of the malevolence. But they seem to have an advantage, and an upper hand. Before they can contain this epidemic they have caused and control it any longer. Things get out of hand, and the authorities are alerted, the town is quarrantined and an elite paramilitary group has come in to figure out what has been going on.

But in their failed attempt at a promising compromise, the fate lies in the hands of two siblings, friends, and an outcast in this tale of supernatural twists and turns. It is an exciting story told with ideal aspects on paranormality in a third person perspective, told by Jike.



For more on this story, click the blue link above. Look in the Supernatural Storys Group by clicking on the link above, for each thrilling chapter of Dark University! (a working progress with several chapters posted currently, and shall be finished by fall 2010)

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That was a very interesting prologue to a story that has great potential.Laughing

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haha for some damn reason i had the voice of the guy who does movie trailers in my head

sounds good tho eh

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Thank you guys, its a working progress but with the summer off, i shall have it finished by this fall. You can read the chapters i do have up and posted at the site link above.

Any comments or feedback are greatly appreciated

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sounds good...sounds very BENTLEY LITTLEish.  i shall have to go to the group and read the other chapters.Cool

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Oh, im sorry, the group isnt on this site. I was referring to the group Supernatural Stories on my site.



Just to clear up any confusion, sorry about that!

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