Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones

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Just finished watching the 'Skin & Bones' episode. Reminded of what a shame it is that this show aired on ABC and was unable to show gore or real frights properly... nonetheless enjoyable! Possibly in spite of (Or possibly because of) the incredibly bad acting on most of the casts part... pretty funny at times (i.e. the 'dramatic' death scene about half way through - won't say who in case it spoils it), however the really cool look of the Wendigo character and his creepy teeth definitely make up for it!

Cool stuff.

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Fear Itself was a pretty enjoyable series. I am always sad that horror shows never seem to last long on television. I think almost all of the episodes were entertaining.
Have you seen any more of the series? I thought the last episode was great with the writer being stuck with his friends in a cabin in Maine. There was plenty of other I can't think of right now that I liked. Skin And Bones definately stuck out to me as one of my favorite episodes.


SKIN AND BONES is my fav followed by EATER and the one with zombies on New Years Eve.


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i agree....the teeth TOTALLY creeped me out.  and why in every cannibal movie/show, they always say once you've tasted human flesh, that's all you'll want to eat.  honestly....i'd think i'd rather die before using my best mate for a BBQ.

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I think cannicalism is just meant to have that much of a psychological impact on you that you become someone else entirely, like in Ravenous! Also a great movie...

Or like that dude in Cannibal: The Musical!

I think it's more tales coming from other people's perspective of cannibalism though, rather than from people who have experienced it. Real cannibals don't live exclusively on human meat, and in fact rarely eat it in most cases... interesting phenomenon though, whether real or imagined, that consuming flesh would have such an affect on people!

I didn't see too much of teh series but I do remember enjoying a few other episodes when I saw them on TV (I watched Skin & Bones online just a few days ago so remember it more). The one with George Wendt (Dude from Cheers) was cool... Family Man? Something like that...

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