Having problems with the voices/ sound!!!!????

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Having problems with the voices/ sound!!!!????

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I am having alot of problems with the sound. I have been trying to watch it but the voices are so scrambled I can barely make out what is said i can only watch :( please help!!!

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It can be hit or miss sometimes. It's be annoying when they are out of sync. I've never had the dialog scrambled though...

If I had a bad guess, it might be your reader program (Adobe).

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I dont know It is still scrambled and now i can't watch anything on here because the volume (even turned up) you cant hear anything :(

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I can feel for you, Jill...

I'm gonna get you!  And your little dog, too!

I'm always having problems when it comes to the voices/sounds in my head...they drive me bonkers and tend to get me into...

Oh...wait a minute...You weren't talking about that I suppose?   Ooops...my bad.  Never mind.

Anyway...welcome to the FEARnut family.  Time for me to take my meds.

Typical FEARnet.com member

But I'm feeling much better now.  I really am.   Really.

Peace out yall!!!

Peace out yall!!!

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