what is something really stupid that youre afraid of?

what is something really stupid that youre afraid of?

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snakes for me. i know it seems lame but i guess i dont trust something with no arms that doesnt blink.

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Im terrified of clowns if it helps....honestly they make me want to scream and hide! lol

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crowds always get to me. malls, theaters,festivals, concerts. there always seems to be some jerk in the crowd to tick me off and i have to fight to bite my tounge and anger. then i realise how many other people are there and how many of them are probably assholes too and come close to a panic attack.  i usually keep it under control, but always have that thought in the back of my mind that if theres an emergency the place is goin to hell quick. assholes.jpg


Im afraid of what I would REALLY do for that frikken Klondike bar. . . . . . . . . . . NAGS NO MORE (CLICK/ACTION)

Alaric's picture

A blank TV screen.

To me this is the ultimate canvas of an imginative mind.

I can’t stand it...

 And to this very day, till the end of my existence,

 it shall creep the slight bit of urine out of me...

Not fookin’ cool......     




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greetings.jpgafraid of that &ya know

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Cops and women.

I once read a bumpersticker that said you should never trust something that bleeds for five to seven days and doesn't die. Ha! Ha! Just joking ladies you really make the world go round. I also heard a saying that behind every great man is a great woman. All jokes aside, i am scared to death of cops and women.


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