Tv shows that I love

Tv shows that I love

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A haunting......Paranormal State Used to like Most Haunted but those people on there are jumping @ every little sound My Fav episode is the Ram Inn.  Wish we could all start a good channel with shit like this on all the time

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Also scifi had a show on called children of the grave that was pretty cool

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SUPERNATURAL makes the top of my list....then MEDIUM and LOST....and can you not love HOUSE!!

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For me Supernatural is up there. I also really like one that probably not a lot of people on here watch, Deadliest Warrior on Spike. That show is outstanding for those of you that haven't seen it.



I like FRINGE, DEXTER, TRU BLOOD and when a woman kinda whispers huskily into my ear. . . . . . whut. . . . . OH YEAH. . . TV SHOWS. . . . Like Fringe, Dexter, Tru Blood. . . .

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twilight zone, the sky at night, ghosthunters,lol!!!,

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I watch all my TV shows on either Fancast or videostic..NCIS..CSI..Dexter..Bones..Fringe..Dr.Who..any Nature or Geographic or Explorer shows

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I  cant wait for Warehouse 13 to return

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i'd have to say that supernatural is my favorite show and i even bought a 67 impala

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Did Paranormal States get cancelled???

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Nice listing from everyone. I will have to check out Supernatural. My favorite list has an interesting mixture. Dexter, V, Bones, Warehouse 13, and Penn and Teller's Bull$hit to exercise the mental muscle. Since I do a fair amount of posting from work, I cannot really sit and watch the shows in here until I get home.


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