True Blood Season 3

True Blood Season 3

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Has anyone else been watching Season 3 of True Blood?  I got hooked on it early this year once I found out Alan Ball was the writer. Six Feet Under is one of my favorites.  I'm curious to see where this season is going to head.

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It looks like they are setting up the point where Jason becomes a were-panther.

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I really like True Blood season one and two. They were neatly done and well based off the novels. The third one though concerning the Nazi Werewolves really bugs me. I read Lori Handeland's Nightcrawer series about the Hunter-Searchers who hunt down werewolves that had been part of the Nazi party by Hitler. This seems suspiciously familiar. It might be a coinsidence that they are similiar plot, but it bugged me. also in the books by Harris about werewolves in the nazi party.

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I've been hooked since season 1 lol I am also a six feet under fan, and I beleive it will keep us wanting more in the end!


I couldnt get into 6 Feet at all but TRUE BLOOD has some great characters plus the horror element and the vamps are nasty.  CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WIMPY THEY MADE THE WEREWOLVES. . . . . asshole writers. . .


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I don't mind werewolves in wolf form...prob cuz i luv em all lol...But I also love the extra where they showed the actual wolves:)


Yeah but the Werewolves are WIMPS ! The Vamps are the masters and kick their butt like they are nothing but big dogs, Pfffffftttt ! !THE BOYZ 2

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We'll have to wait an see cuz sum of them dont seem to like vamps....we'll keep our hopes high that not all of them are V addicts lol


They gotta escalate from BIG DOGS to SONS OF FENRIS %@#$%$#% ! ! !





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lol i doubt that...maybe we'll get a wish on another show that hasn't been invented yet lol

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Its almost a totally different story from the show. Ive read the first 3 books, and im currently on the 4th book now. I have both seasons on dvd, and ive been recording the season 3 on dvr. I first got into the show the winter after season 1 ended, and just before season 2 premiered. And ive been really into it ever since. Halfway through season 2 last summer i went out and bought the 8 book box set of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, because waiting a week in between episodes wasnt cutting it for me! So i went out and spent 70$ on the books, and have been reading them as well as watching the show! So i reccommend them to anyone who likes the show

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